LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 29 December 2016

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Los Angeles Times 29 December 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 29 December 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Little bit of progress: DENT

5 Mike supports: BOOMS

10 Capitol cap: DOME

14 Zeno's home: ELEA

15 Great-grandfather of Noah: ENOCH

16 Struck (out): EXED

17 Producer of lavish revues: FLORENZZIEGFELD

20 Catch some rays: TAN

21 Chop __: SUEY

22 More than enough: PLENTY

23 Pollutant concentration meas.: PPM

24 Splint site: SHIN

25 Where everything turns out all right: STORYBOOKENDING

33 Part of Great Britain: WALES

34 Jersey, for one: SHIRT

35 "The Purloined Letter" writer: POE

36 British tennis star Murray: ANDY

37 Internet greeting: ECARD

38 Lawyer's job: CASE

39 Ham may be seen on it: RYE

40 "What I dream of is __ of balance ... ": Matisse: ANART

41 Track divisions: LANES

42 New Orleans spectacle: MARDIGRASPARADE

45 Spring bloom: IRIS

46 Recede: EBB

47 International economic bloc: GSEVEN

50 Sheltered at sea: ALEE

52 Epitome of slipperiness: EEL

55 Privileged information demonstrated by this puzzle's circles: INSIDEKNOWLEDGE

58 Advance: LOAN

59 Start of a kid's rhyme: EENIE

60 Boil over: RAGE

61 Irish Rose's guy: ABIE

62 Bring up: RAISE

63 Out of control: AMOK


1 Like a magician's hands: DEFT

2 "__ and Louis": 1956 jazz album: ELLA

3 Element #10: NEON

4 Smelly sealant: TAR

5 Render senseless: BENUMB

6 Number after dix: ONZE

7 Seeping slowly: OOZY

8 Old Sprint rival: MCI

9 One often seen with a crook: SHEPHERD

10 Stand up for: DEFEND

11 Ground-breaking team, at times: OXEN

12 Lunch order: MELT

13 Drain swirl: EDDY

18 Best Championship Performance and Best Team: ESPYS

19 Sparkle: GLINT

23 Carnivore's target: PREY

24 Goes around: SKIRTS

25 Buzzing cloud: SWARM

26 Self-named 2002 country album: TANYA

27 From an earlier time: OLDER

28 Statuettes that were made of painted plaster during WWII: OSCARS

29 1939 Leigh role: OHARA

30 Bucky Beaver's toothpaste: IPANA

31 Edged (out): NOSED

32 Former goslings: GEESE

37 Mastermind: ENGINEER

38 Certain dieter's concern: CARB

40 Made public: AIRED

41 Shop tag: LABEL

43 Godlike: DIVINE

44 Hall of Famer Reese: PEEWEE

47 Coolidge Dam's river: GILA

48 Highbrow, perhaps: SNOB

49 Morales of "NYPD Blue": ESAI

50 Years in Rome: ANNI

51 "Family Guy" mom: LOIS

52 Dutch export: EDAM

53 French Toaster Sticks brand: EGGO

54 One of 33-Across' national emblems: LEEK

56 Mauna __: KEA

57 Starter's stat: ERA

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