LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 29 December 2019

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Los Angeles Times 29 December 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 29 December 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Immense: WHOPPING

9 Spurred (on): EGGED

14 Starts of many names: CAPS

18 Procedure enforced locally: HOUSERULE

20 Magician's cry: VOILA

21 Certain something: AURA

22 Unlikely getaway car alternative? ESCAPEGOAT

24 Time left in an online auction? EBAYWINDOW

26 Utmost degree: NTH

27 River-to-sea connection: ESTUARY

29 Policy that includes higher menu prices: NOTIPS

30 Stitches: DARNS

33 Meadow mom: DOE

34 Zest: GUSTO

36 Civil rights legislation? EQUALITYCONTROL

41 Many a Middle East native: ARAB

44 Craved: LUSTED

45 Bowling ball material: URETHANE

47 Hood's weapon: GAT

49 Where to get down: EIDER

50 World view, perhaps: MAP

52 Serengeti stampede? ELANDRUSH

55 Multidisciplinary strength-training program: CROSSFIT

57 Guitarist Paul: LES

60 Tell a thing or two: EDUCATE

61 B'way need: TKT

62 Under pressure: ONTHESPOT

66 "The Plough and the Stars" playwright: OCASEY

67 Three-hanky films? EMOTIONPICTURES

70 Red choice: CLARET

73 Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb, e.g.: COANCHORS

74 Single circuit: LAP

77 Supremely spooky: EERIEST

79 Bit of legal advice: SUE

80 Promise that one will: PLEDGETO

83 Bong for special occasions? EVENTPIPE

86 Beast of burden: ASS

87 Shower: AIRER

88 Certain house mem.: SEN

89 Emmy-winning creator of "Six Feet Under": ALANBALL

93 Solvent: AFLOAT

94 Thames academy: ETON

97 Big place to fool around in? ESTATEOFAFFAIRS

100 "Take Me Home, Country __": John Denver hit: ROADS

102 Simple sack: COT

103 Court figs.: ATTYS

104 Take the heat off? DISARM

107 Early Yankee nickname: BAMBINO

109 "Rhoda" production co.: MTM


115 Midnight sail? EBONVOYAGE

119 Auto race signal: FLAG

120 Pried (into): NOSED

121 Glues: MUCILAGES

122 Daly of "Judging Amy": TYNE

123 "The Teflon Don": GOTTI

124 Climbing plant features: TENDRILS


1 Word spoken during pouring: WHEN

2 Throng: HOST

3 Bad pun response: OUCH

4 Ad about being green, briefly: PSA

5 Zip: PEP

6 Wrath: IRE

7 "Cat Scratch Fever" musician: NUGENT

8 Shiny print: GLOSSY

9 Boston suburb: EVERETT

10 Elapse: GOBY

11 Supermodel Carangi: GIA

12 Nevada copper town: ELY

13 "The light __!": DAWNS

14 Synagogue singer: CANTOR

15 Quattro maker: AUDI

16 Support, with "up": PROP

17 Words of wisdom: SAWS

19 Down: EAT

23 16th-century English architectural style: TUDOR

25 Whit: IOTA

28 Top of the line: AONE

30 Takes out: DATES

31 A and O, but not E, I or U: ALERS

32 Relieve (of): RID

34 Soccer game highlight: GOAL

35 Long bones: ULNAE

36 Campaign sign word: ELECT

37 Idiosyncrasy: QUIRK

38 FAA overseer: USDOT

39 Stanley of the NHL? CUP

40 MLB scoreboard letters: RHE

42 Mexican waters: AGUAS

43 Sew with temporary stitches: BASTE

46 Sign on the back: ENDORSE

48 Nonbinary gender pronoun: THEY

50 Perfect, as a collectible coin: MINT

51 Web site: ATTIC

53 Il __: Mussolini: DUCE

54 Some appliances: RCAS

56 Place to soothe the sole? FOOTSPA

57 Horne and Dunham: LENAS

58 "College Football Live" channel: ESPNU

59 Item on a rack: SPICE

63 Sob syllable: HOO

64 Scot's "Crikey!": OCH

65 Features of some 'Vettes: TTOPS

67 2000 title role for Julia: ERIN

68 Happen upon: MEET

69 Results of Googling: URLS

70 Cuckoo clock quartet: CEES

71 Bank construction: LEVEE

72 Ain't like it oughta be? ARENT

74 "Vive __!": LEROI

75 "I did not think to shed __": "Henry VIII": ATEAR

76 Freighters' destinations: PORTS

78 Like some floors: TILED

81 "Portrayer" of Duck Dodgers: DAFFY

82 Southwestern lizards: GILAS

84 Screen or bomb: PASS

85 Rhinitis-treating MD: ENT

86 South American greeting: ALO

90 Owner of Grey Goose and Dewar's: BACARDI

91 Speck: ATOM

92 Leave alone: LETBE

93 Time in a personal ad: AFT

95 Anaheim's county: ORANGE

96 Result that's expected: NORM

98 Spread apart, as police during a search: FANOUT

99 Hospital stat? ATONCE

101 Surrounded by: AMONG

104 Slick: DEFT

105 Without serious thought: IDLY

106 Penn name: SEAN

107 Root often pickled: BEET

108 Tech giant based in Armonk, N.Y.: IBM

109 Star followers: MAGI

110 Neutrogena shampoo brand: TGEL

111 Jumble: MESS

113 Excessively: TOO

114 V-J Day president: HST

116 Beaujolais, par exemple: VIN

117 From the past, as a story: OLD

118 Pirate's cry: YAR

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