LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 29 December 2020

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Los Angeles Times 29 December 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 29 December 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Like new dollar bills: CRISP

6 Instruction unit: STEP

10 Last year's frosh: SOPH

14 Mediterranean mayonnaise: AIOLI

15 Place for pews: NAVE

16 Crosby, Stills & Nash, e.g.: TRIO

17 Raced toward: RANAT

18 One cutting staff: AXER

19 Singles: ONES

20 City street spot you usually have to back into: PARKINGSPACE

23 TSA __Check: PRE

26 "Annabel Lee" poet: POE

27 Result of a coup, perhaps: OUSTER

28 Sea surrounding Santorini: AEGEAN

30 Relate, as a story: TELL

32 Silly starter? ESS

33 Unfavorable impression: NEGATIVETAKE

36 HEATH Bar competitor: SKOR

37 "Bel Canto" author Patchett: ANN

38 Many an Omani: ARAB

42 Winter clock setting: STANDARDTIME

47 UFO operators: ETS

50 Iowa college town: AMES

51 Egg-coloring holiday: EASTER

52 Useless: NOHELP

54 Coll. entrance exam: SAT

55 Business card abbr.: EXT

56 In 2020's MLB season, each game of one was seven innings ... and what each word of three long answers can have: DOUBLEHEADER

60 James of jazz: ETTA

61 See-the-sights travel option: RAIL

62 Banana cluster: BUNCH

66 Came down: ALIT

67 Poet Pound: EZRA

68 Vowel-rich farewell: ADIEU

69 Surrealist Magritte: RENE

70 Burpee purchase: SEED

71 Transplant to a new container: REPOT


1 See-the-sights travel option: CAR

2 River inlet: RIA

3 Na+ or Cl-: ION

4 Word with happy or dash: SLAP

5 Rain-on-the-roof sound: PITAPAT

6 Asp or adder: SNAKE

7 Cab: TAXI

8 Like every other integer: EVEN

9 Vine-covered walkway: PERGOLA

10 Dots on a transit map: STOPS

11 Highly decorative: ORNATE

12 Concert choices: PIECES

13 Uncouth types, in Canadian slang: HOSERS

21 Rice-A-__: RONI

22 Pout: SULK

23 Thumbs-down reviews: PANS

24 Really smell: REEK

25 Thick & Fluffy waffle brand: EGGO

29 All __: listening: EARS

30 Takes care of: TENDS

31 Sicilian smoker: ETNA

34 Wind indicator: VANE

35 Grub: EATS

39 Baptism, for one: RITE

40 Plastic choice, briefly: AMEX

41 Ernie's Muppet pal: BERT

43 Like unlikely tales: TALL

44 Current units: AMPERES

45 Enjoy a novel: READ

46 Baked treat that sounds like a place to meet: DATEBAR

47 Make precious: ENDEAR

48 Play the flute: TOOTLE

49 Locked up: SHUTIN

53 Online money-back offer: EBATE

54 Dinner course: SALAD

57 Thin fog: HAZE

58 The Emerald Isle: EIRE

59 Impolite: RUDE

63 Puppy's bite: NIP

64 Head of the corp.: CEO

65 Shack: HUT

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