LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 29 December 2021

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Los Angeles Times 29 December 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 29 December 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Hula swivelers: HIPS

5 Knife in the cooler? SHIV

9 Jones, so to speak: URGE

13 Boys Town is a suburb of it: OMAHA

15 Stiff wind? OBOE

16 Linger in the bath: SOAK

17 Vatican-related: PAPAL

18 Newsy snippet: SOUNDBITE

20 Half of an Arnold Palmer: ICEDTEA

22 Loads: OODLES

23 15-Across piece: REED

24 Madagascar mammal: LEMUR

26 It was deorbited in 2001: MIR

28 Exacting standard: RIGOR

30 An arm and a leg: LIMBS

34 What turns pets into poets? ANO

35 Uses the overhead bin for: STOWS

36 Turn aside: AVERT

37 Depressed area: SLUM

39 Bar mitzvah dances: HORAS

41 Gulf States ruler: EMIR

42 Holmes who played Jackie Kennedy in two TV miniseries: KATIE

44 "You __ be kidding!": GOTTA

46 Dedicated lines: ODE

47 Peachy keen: SWELL

48 Goofs off: LAZES

49 DVR button: REW

50 Bounced, in a bad way: KITED

52 Best Play, e.g.: ESPY

54 32-Down of July '81: LADYDI

57 Used a bit, maybe: DRILLED

60 "Can I go already?": AREWEDONE

63 Debonair: SUAVE

64 Bear with cold porridge: MAMA

65 Spring or League opener: ARAB

66 Navel formation: INNIE

67 Bit of trickery: PLOY

68 Staying power: LEGS

69 Kombu, e.g.: KELP


1 Kachina doll carver: HOPI

2 Apple product since 1998: IMAC

3 *Delivery job not as common as it once was: PAPERROUTE

4 Beach umbrella benefit: SHADE

5 McGwire rival: SOSA

6 Network with Comedy and Family channels: HBO

7 Letters for debtors: IOU

8 Jellyfish defense: VENOM

9 *Computer storage device: USBDRIVE

10 Churn: ROIL

11 Total ticket sales: GATE

12 Squeaks (by): EKES

14 Changes: ALTERS

19 Midwife co-worker: DOULA

21 Gloria's mom in '70s TV: EDITH

24 Underhanded approach, and a hint to the answers to starred clues: LOWROAD

25 Like knockoffs: ERSATZ

26 Costume ball sights: MASKS

27 Wedding day acquisition: INLAW

29 Search for, for many: GOOGLE

31 *Nostalgic locale: MEMORYLANE

32 Wedding day VIP: BRIDE

33 Scatter: STREW

38 *Solar system's home: MILKYWAY

40 Take the wheel: STEER

43 Omit in speech: ELIDE

45 Birthplace of St. Francis: ASSISI

51 Word with pool or wave: TIDAL

53 Pay, with "down": PLUNK

54 Genie's digs: LAMP

55 Disappearing Asian sea: ARAL

56 Musician's mailing: DEMO

57 Ball stars: DEBS

58 Bad doings: EVIL

59 Like an investigative dive: DEEP

61 Lode load: ORE

62 Badger: NAG

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