LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 29 February 2020

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Los Angeles Times 29 February 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 29 February 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Baseball warm-up word: SHAG

5 Brazilian music genre word meaning "trend": BOSSA

10 Secured: ICED

14 Ebb: WANE

15 Nailing, in a way: ACING

16 Weather __: VANE

17 Kitchen fixture: OVEN

18 Mountain slope debris: SCREE

19 Welder's output: ARCS

20 Home improvement team: REMODELERS

22 One of two sts. admitted to the Union 11/2/1889: NDAK

23 Elder of an '80s-'90s country duo: NAOMIJUDD

24 Metaphorical casino loss: SHIRT

25 Formed by solidified magma: IGNEOUS

26 Is __: imminently will: SOONTO

27 Turndowns: NOES

28 Perceived Cold War weapons disparity: MISSILEGAP

31 Propelled, as a raft: POLED

32 Words preceding an important reminder: PLEASENOTE

37 Power eponym: WATT

41 Antagonism: RANCOR

42 Amazon, notably: ETAILER

44 Singer for whom Bernie wrote lyrics: ELTON

45 Remit, nowadays: PAYONLINE

47 "Contact" author Sagan: CARL

48 Comes to terms: MAKESADEAL

49 "I'll do it": OKAY

50 Formal "Who's there?" response: ITISI

51 Letter-bottom abbr.: ENCL

52 Bit of progress: DENT

53 Atlantic food fish: SCROD

54 Pak of the LPGA: SERI

55 Artist's pseudonym formed from the French pronunciation of his initials: ERTE

56 1953 Ladd classic: SHANE

57 Casual wear: TEES


1 Like court witnesses: SWORNIN

2 Try it: HAVEAGO

3 Buttercup family member: ANEMONE

4 Biological mapping subjects: GENOMES

5 Parachutist using low-altitude starting points: BASEJUMPER

6 Blockage: OCCLUSION

7 Brought into being: SIRED

8 Dummy Mortimer: SNERD

9 Quite a while: AGES

10 Rowena's lover: IVANHOE

11 Bouncer's job: CARDING

12 Early Wikipedia competitor: ENCARTA

13 Icon locale: DESKTOP

21 Giovanni's god: DIO

24 Roman sun god: SOL

26 Like a pendulum's movement: SIDETOSIDE

29 __-mo: SLO


32 Like Hollywood films before censorship guidelines were introduced: PRECODE

33 LeBron, since Jul. 2018: LALAKER

34 One in a 1K, say: ENTRANT

35 Follower: ACOLYTE

36 Certain youngster's nickname: SON

37 Least civilized: WILDEST

38 Property recipient, in law: ALIENEE

39 Like a good-sized farm: TENACRE

40 Plant support: TRELLIS

43 Santa follower: ANA

45 Cabbage site: PATCH

46 "Ran" director Kurosawa: AKIRA

48 Wish were here: MISS

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