LA Times Crossword answers Friday 29 January 2021

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Los Angeles Times 29 January 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 29 January 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Hybrid cycle: MOPED

6 Technology that uses polarized light, briefly: LCD

9 Boo-boo: OWIE

13 Baba ghanouj ingredient: TAHINI

14 Yellowfin tuna: AHI

15 "That was close!": PHEW

16 Preserve, in a way: EMBALM

17 *Reference work for canine lovers? DOGGUIDE

19 Range in the home, maybe: AMANA

20 Keep going: PERSIST

21 *Instructional work for expectant mothers? LABORMANUAL

23 Punk rock offshoot: EMO

26 Calculating: SLY

27 Grunts, so to speak: GIS

28 Got going: STARTED

30 Simmons competitor: SERTA

32 Cork's place: EIRE

33 *Fictional work about a pick-up artist? APPROACHNOVEL

38 Requiem Mass word: IRAE

39 Layers: TIERS

40 There are lots of them: NEWCARS

44 Beats by __: DRE

45 Some tags: IDS

48 Afternoon refresher: NAP

49 *Illustrated work for bullpen pitchers? RELIEFCOMIC

52 Tries to influence, with "with": REASONS

54 Worship: ADORE

55 Paperback designed to simulate animation ... and a hint to the answers to starred clues: FLIPBOOK

57 Tried and true: PROVEN

58 Choice: AONE

59 Parrot: APE

60 Unbending: STRICT

61 Written reminder: NOTE

62 "The Spanish Tragedy" dramatist: KYD

63 Strong point: ASSET


1 Cat, say: MAMMAL

2 "Yowza!": OHBABY

3 It can be grand: PIANO

4 Darkroom gear: ENLARGER

5 Skeptical, as a view: DIM

6 Weighed down: LADEN

7 Group that blends well: CHORUS

8 Tries to unearth: DIGSAT

9 Major work: OPUS

10 Formal wear: WHITETIE

11 Mil. roadside hazard: IED

12 Sweater material source: EWE

13 Shades of blue: TEALS

18 River to the Colorado: GILA

20 Noodles: PASTA

22 Barcelona-born surrealist: MIRO

24 Cruciverbalist Reagle of "Wordplay": MERL

25 Words of praise: ODE

29 Guns: REVS

30 What many writers work on: SPEC

31 Be in a cast: ACT

33 Specialty: AREA

34 Rin Tin Tin autograph, e.g.: PAWPRINT

35 Leather sources: HIDES

36 Soft ball material: NERF

37 Mine vehicles: ORECARTS

38 Keeper's concern: INN

41 Spirited horse: ARAB

42 Saturate again: RESOAK

43 "Hang on __": 1965 #1 hit: SLOOPY

45 Apple video-editing app: IMOVIE

46 Run: DIRECT

47 Chanel product: SCENT

50 Signed: INKED

51 Dinnertime draws: ODORS

53 Duel tool: EPEE

55 __ club: FAN

56 WC: LOO

57 Smokey Bear TV spot, for one: PSA

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