LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 29 July 2020

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Los Angeles Times 29 July 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 29 July 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 One of the fam: SIB

4 Peeved: SORE

8 Small quick breads: SCONES

14 "Strange Magic" rock gp.: ELO

15 Revlon rival: AVON

16 Defeat decisively: THRASH

17 "Shane" star: ALANLADD

19 Cactus bud: AREOLE

20 Lo-cal brew: LITEALE

21 Beam splitter: PRISM

22 Lend __: pay attention: ANEAR

23 Gives the nod: OKS

24 NYC subway line: IRT

27 Melville's "handsome sailor": BILLYBUDD

31 Indian royal: RAJAH

33 Egyptian goddess: ISIS

34 Sidestep: ELUDE

35 Spanish "for": POR

38 Positions: JOBS

39 Nike rival: ADIDAS

40 Bakery allures: AROMAS

42 Put right: MEND

44 Dr. who co-founded a record label: DRE

45 Has a fit: RAGES

46 Sentry's shout: HALT

47 __ pad: STENO

48 "Wabbit" hunter: ELMERFUDD

54 Always, to 53-Down: EER

55 Emergent: NEW

57 Feminine German article: EINER

58 Earns: MAKES

60 Model offering interior views: CUTAWAY

62 "__ Rouge!": Kidman film: MOULIN

64 Woman who married the 16th president: MARYTODD

65 "Same experience for me": ASDIDI

66 Snare: TRAP

67 GPS display: RTE

68 Table salt additive: IODIDE

69 Up to the task: ABLE

70 Persona __ grata: NON


1 Naval test site: SEALAB

2 "Fighting" Big Ten team: ILLINI

3 Waterside inn: BOATEL


5 Shape of Ford's logo: OVAL

6 Went by Segway: RODE

7 Finale: END

8 Barren: STARK

9 "Saturday Night Live" cast member since 2017: CHRISREDD

10 Mining hauls: ORES

11 Half of a longtime country duo: NAOMIJUDD

12 Subj. for a non-native speaker: ESL

13 Stevie Wonder's "Isn't __ Lovely": SHE

18 Sci-fi author Stephenson: NEAL

21 They're full of beans: PODS

25 "M*A*S*H" corporal who hears choppers before anyone else: RADAR

26 This and this: THESE

28 Life stories: BIOS

29 __ port: USB

30 Grim: DISMAL

32 "Rope-a-dope" boxer: ALI

35 Examine grammatically: PARSE

36 Give a speech: ORATE

37 Former CBS anchor with a Peabody and five Emmys: ROGERMUDD

38 Ten-time NBA All-Star who is now a Laker assistant coach: JASONKIDD

39 Start a pot: ANTE

41 Guys: MEN

43 "Slippery" tree: ELM

46 Adheres (to): HEWS

49 Key in again: RETYPE

50 Turin-based automaker: FIAT

51 Still on the hanger: UNWORN

52 __ rights: red-handed: DEADTO

53 England's first poet laureate: DRYDEN

56 Choice word: EENIE

59 Et __: and others: ALII

60 Paleo no-no: CARB

61 Eurasian range: URAL

62 Avril follower: MAI

63 Baja bear: OSO

64 NYC subway org.: MTA

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