LA Times Crossword answers Monday 29 March 2021

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Los Angeles Times 29 March 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 29 March 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Buckwheat porridge: KASHA

6 Tears, as paper: RIPS

10 Hobbyist's book: HOWTO

15 One submitting a tax return: FILER

16 Operatic solo: ARIA

17 State bordering both Nevada and Canada: IDAHO

18 "Almost!": CLOSE

19 Drink brand associated with NASA missions: TANG

20 Fight off: REPEL

21 "Parking" image, on signs: PINASQUARE

24 "As I see it," to a texter: IMO

25 Stay alcohol-free: ABSTAIN

27 Ad that spreads awareness, briefly: PSA

28 Baseball's Musial: STAN

29 Princess from a galaxy far, far away: LEIA

30 Society newcomer: DEB

32 Minnesota NFLer: VIKING

34 Slacks: PANTS

36 Second drop-down list, say: SUBMENU

39 "Kosher" image, on labels: KINATRIANGLE

42 Garage floor blemish: OILSPOT

43 Wabbit hunter Fudd: ELMER

46 Forward, to Fellini: AVANTI

49 "Just a __!": SEC

51 "Count on me!": ICAN

52 Blubbers: SOBS

53 "Pow!" relative: BAM

56 Potatoes often used for fries: RUSSETS

58 Cape __, Mass.: COD

59 "Registered" image, on product names: RINACIRCLE

61 Draw out: EDUCE

63 DIY furniture brand: IKEA

64 Fridge forays: RAIDS

67 Diet-friendly: NOCAL

68 Blab: TELL

69 Boredom: ENNUI

70 Eccentric: DOTTY

71 Creative pursuits, with "the": ARTS

72 Yard-grooming tool: EDGER


1 Fast-food co. serving buckets: KFC

2 Feel sick: AIL

3 Aptly named clean-up basin: SLOPSINK

4 Speaker's ers or ums: HESITATIONS

5 Sports spot: ARENA

6 Some rodent homes: RATSNESTS

7 Baghdad's land: IRAQ

8 Alluring poster: PINUP

9 Long stories: SAGAS

10 Add to the staff: HIRE

11 Poetic salute: ODE

12 Elk: WAPITI

13 28-Across nickname: THEMAN

14 Chinese tea: OOLONG

22 Help: AID

23 Poetic bird of one word: RAVEN

25 Mont Blanc, e.g.: ALP

26 Arthur of "The Golden Girls": BEA

28 King Kong's home: SKULLISLAND

31 Patting-the-baby's-back goal: BURP

33 "Picnic" playwright: INGE

35 Petulant state: SNIT

37 Book jacket blurbs: BIOS

38 "His Dark __": fantasy trilogy: MATERIALS

40 Defendant's story: ALIBI

41 Hosting the roast: EMCEEING

44 Use the feed bag: EAT

45 OR attendants: RNS

46 Go up: ASCEND

47 Ritualistic kind of doll: VOODOO

48 Kidnap: ABDUCT

50 Surly mutt: CUR

54 Singer Baker with eight Grammys: ANITA

55 Manufacturer: MAKER

57 Stony debris: SCREE

59 Count (on): RELY

60 Gael or Breton: CELT

62 Lap-loving pet: CAT

65 Past __: late: DUE

66 __ Loin of Beef: Bugs Bunny character: SIR

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