LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 29 May 2019

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Los Angeles Times 29 May 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 29 May 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Was short: OWED

5 Cut short, NASA-style: ABORT

10 "Got it": ISEE

14 "The Great" detective of kid-lit: NATE

15 "Green Acres" co-star: GABOR

16 Tobacco plug: CHAW

17 *Cocktail ingredient often made with a mallet: CRUSHEDICE

19 Come up short: LOSE

20 Hand-held allergy treatment: EPIPEN

21 Invite to one's home: ASKOVER

23 Not from a bottle: ONTAP

26 Swivel around: SLUE

27 Seasoned sailors: SALTS

30 Automated blog participant, for short: BOT

32 Runs in neutral: IDLES

35 They may be 23-Across: ALES

36 Anne of Green Gables or Annie: ORPHAN

38 Orchestra __: PIT

39 Skit bit: GAG

40 *Sleep: SHUTEYE

41 Ottoman bigwig: AGA

42 911 response letters: EMS

43 Stick a stake in, as a vampire: IMPALE

44 Pale: ASHY

45 Totally sexy: SOHOT

47 La-la lead-in: TRA

48 Strongly craves, with "after": LUSTS

49 "Sorry to say ... ": ALAS

51 Blazer material: TWEED

53 Performer's "Nailed it!" gesture: MICDROP

56 Followed: TAILED

60 Rubs the wrong way: IRKS

61 Rowdy play, and what's hidden in each answer to a starred clue: ROUGHHOUSE

64 Cuba libre mixer: COLA

65 First name in cosmetics: ESTEE

66 Persia, now: IRAN

67 From the top: ANEW

68 Direct: STEER

69 Brooding place: NEST


1 Some time ago: ONCE

2 What wet boards may do: WARP

3 Special case: ETUI

4 Cruel rulers: DESPOTS

5 Contract negotiator: AGENT

6 Naughty: BAD

7 Kimono accessory: OBI

8 Almond __: crunchy candy: ROCA

9 Hair piece: TRESS

10 Apple backup service: ICLOUD

11 *Quarterback's underhand move: SHOVELPASS

12 Maneuver carefully: EASE

13 Still-life subject: EWER

18 Coop group: HENS

22 Ryan's "French Kiss" co-star: KLINE

24 Sudden: ABRUPT

25 Toaster pastry: POPTART

27 Learned advisors: SAGES

28 Enterprise competitor: ALAMO

29 *Restraint on a prisoner: LEGSHACKLE

31 Long-armed institution: THELAW

33 "Magic" ball digit: EIGHT

34 Collar inserts: STAYS

36 Unit of resistance: OHM

37 Cry from a pro: AYE

40 Raga instrument: SITAR

44 Port on some stereos: AUDIOIN

46 Familiar saying: OLDSAW

48 Sister of Rachel: LEAH

50 Aloe targets: SORES

52 Former anesthetic: ETHER

53 Layered rock: MICA

54 Common club choice on a par-three hole: IRON

55 Publish in an online forum: POST

57 Tackle box item: LURE

58 Those, in Tijuana: ESAS

59 Minor progress: DENT

62 4 x 4, briefly: UTE

63 "Hmm": GEE

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