LA Times Crossword answers Friday 29 May 2020

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Los Angeles Times 29 May 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 29 May 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 OTC drug overseer: FDA

4 Like a honeymoon couple's bed, perhaps: PETALED

11 It may be brown or blonde: ALE

14 Realty unit: LOT

15 "Killer, dude!": AWESOME

16 Proponent's preposition: FOR

17 Feeling upon being stretched thin: UTTEREXHAUSTION

20 Ill-suited: INAPT

21 Two-time Seth MacFarlane title character: TED

22 Browses: SURFS

23 Duplicity: DECEIT

25 Charges: SETSAT

26 Earth-shattering realization: THEAWFULTRUTH

30 Actor-for-actor movie studio exchange: LOANOUT

31 Closest buds, for short: BFFS

35 Open parenthesis, in some emoticons: FROWN

36 Spiced tea: CHAI

40 Cook in fat in a closed pot: BRAISE

42 Cary Grant's chin dimple et al.: TRAITS

44 Cutting-edge fashion icon: COUTUREDESIGNER

48 Zeppelin leader? LED

49 Spare tire makeup: FAT

50 Hoops hanger: NET

51 Jan. honoree: MLK

53 Sank perfectly, as a jump shot: SWISHED

56 Top 40 song, e.g.: HIT

59 Exhibit widespread political appeal: WINBYALANDSLIDE

62 Taiwanese tech giant: ACER

63 Surprises in bottles: GENII

64 Tip jar deposits: ONES

65 Tijuana Brass leader Alpert: HERB

66 Fiat: EDICT

67 ASAP in the ER: STAT


1 Word with gender or lighter: FLUID

2 ISP suffix: DOTNET

3 Stick on: ATTACH

4 Not all there: PARTIAL

5 Farm female: EWE

6 Row of emoji, perhaps: TEXT

7 ESPY Courage Award namesake: ASHE

8 Unit to be washed: LOAD

9 Layer of dark green eggs: EMU

10 Napoleon, for one: DESSERT

11 Something never done before: AFIRST

12 Exfoliating sponge: LOOFAH

13 Bond villain Blofeld: ERNST

18 Dueling sword: EPEE

19 Fantasia hippo's outfit: TUTU

24 BOGO offering: TWOFER

25 Evel doings? STUNTS

27 Not even close: FAR

28 Card game whose name is spoken during play: UNO

29 Dirty: LOW

31 English channel: BBC

32 To and __: FRO

33 Only Mississippi-born Literature Nobelist: FAULKNER

34 Browsing target: SITE

36 Animal house: CAGE

37 Comment with a wink and an elbow: HINTHINT

38 Consumed: ATE

39 Med. country: ISR

41 Like bubble baths: SUDSY

43 Cantaloupe coverings: RINDS

45 Submitted returns online: EFILED

46 Water brand: DASANI

47 Cultural, as cuisine: ETHNIC

51 [Blown kiss]: MWAH

52 Causes of some head scratching: LICE

54 Minimum __: WAGE

55 Revise: EDIT

57 A light bulb may symbolize one: IDEA

58 Sample: TEST

60 "Hang on a sec," in texts: BRB

61 __ Alamos, NM: LOS

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