LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 29 November 2017

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Los Angeles Times 29 November 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 29 November 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Schooner features: MASTS

6 Frosty coating: RIME

10 Shine: GLEAM

15 Advil competitor: ALEVE

16 __ of March: IDES

17 EVE's companion, in a 2008 Pixar film: WALLE

18 *Is unsuitable: DOESNTFITTHEBILL

21 "__ ideas?": ANY

22 "Back to the Future" vehicle: DELOREAN

23 Wild place: ZOO

24 Rays or Jays: TEAM

26 RAM part: MEMORY

27 First light: DAWN

28 Egyptian snake: ASP

30 Wide shoe spec: EEE

32 *Literary character with an evil alter ego: DOCTORJEKYLL

38 Anti-cruelty org.: PETA

39 "Hold up!": WAIT

40 Radiate: EMIT

42 Twangy-voiced: NASAL

43 Breakfast order: EGGS


46 Gets a glimpse of: ESPIES

48 Most innocent: PUREST

49 Canonized Mlle.: STE

50 *Threshold: DOORSILL

55 Bus depot: Abbr.: STA

56 Corrida opponent: TORO

58 Paddock sound: WHINNY

59 Hank's job on "Breaking Bad," briefly: NARC

60 Modern-day Persian: IRANI

62 Tiny annoyance: GNAT

63 Former One Direction singer Zayn __: MALIK

64 Frequent presidential candidate Ralph: NADER

65 Fairy tale baddie: OGRE

66 In reserve: ASIDE

67 Skim (over): GLOSS

68 *See 42-Down: DOLL

69 Knight's horse: STEED


1 Angry with: MADAT

2 Without assistance: ALONE

3 "Later!": SEEYA

4 Family room sets: TVS

5 Final email step: SEND

6 Search quickly through: RIFLE

7 Figure of speech: IDIOM

8 Way around D.C.: METRO

9 Perfume compound: ESTER

10 No Doubt lead singer Stefani: GWEN

11 Chocolate dog: LAB

12 "My Fair Lady" heroine: ELIZA

13 Let happen: ALLOW

14 Fruit that's still a fruit when two of its letters are switched: MELON

19 What sirens may do: TEMPT

20 Actress Salma: HAYEK

25 Chinese liquor brand: MAOTAI

27 San Diego suburb: DELMAR

29 Climbed: SCALED

31 The Eiffel Tower, aptly? EYEFUL

32 Western outlaw: DESPERADO

33 Be indebted to: OWE

34 Cleaning cloth: RAG

35 Irish dance: JIG

36 "Close Encounters" beings: ETS

37 Hides one's true self: LIVESALIE

38 Idyllic: PASTORAL

41 Take for a first drive: TESTRIDE

42 With 68-Across, each successive one of a set graphically depicted by this puzzle's circles: NESTING

45 Arranged like the 68-Acrosses in the answers to starred clues are designed to be: STACKED

47 Farm mom: SOW

48 Tissue layer: PLY

51 "What a nightmare!": OHGOD

52 Fab Four drummer: RINGO

53 [Don't touch my bone!]: SNARL

54 Info a spy might gather: INTEL

57 Dollar bills: ONES

59 Condé __: NAST

61 Recipient of much Apr. mail: IRS

63 More, in Madrid: MAS

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