LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 29 November 2018

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Los Angeles Times 29 November 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 29 November 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Goat quote: MAA

4 Monorail users: TRAMS

9 Driving range instructors: PROS

13 Central cooling systs.: ACS

14 Kick: OOMPH

15 She converted to Judaism after marrying her comedy partner: MEARA

16 Study of a portentous woodchuck? PHILOLOGY

18 Opposition group: ANTIS

19 Submits returns online: EFILES

20 Prevents legally: ENJOINS

22 Hoppy brew, for short: IPA

23 Study of tears? CRYOLOGY

24 Humanities maj.: SOC

26 Dash gauge: TACH

29 Slovenia neighbor, to the IOC: CRO

30 Player of The Bride in "Kill Bill" films, familiarly: UMA

31 Made a blunder: ERRED

33 Take suddenly: GRAB

37 Small store: MART

39 Fuzzy fruit: KIWIS

41 Exercise in a studio: YOGA

42 Android operating system named for a cookie: OREO

43 Trusty mount: STEED

45 Shaving cream type: GEL

46 "American Experience" network: PBS

49 Bart's bus driver: OTTO

50 Draw upon: USE

51 Study of common articles? THEOLOGY

55 That woman: SHE

57 Echo Dot-waking words: HIALEXA

58 Cornell's home: ITHACA

61 Others, in Cuba: OTROS

62 Study of hiking choices? PATHOLOGY

65 Tells all: SINGS

66 "At the Movies" co-host: EBERT

67 Shepherd's pie piece: PEA

68 Craftsy website: ETSY

69 Brother in Roman lore: REMUS

70 Give a darn: SEW


1 It may have an "X": MAP

2 Physical discomfort: ACHE

3 "Whatever!": ASIFICARE

4 "Missed your chance!": TOOLATE

5 Romeo or Juliet: ROLE

6 "A Sorta Fairytale" singer Tori: AMOS

7 New car stat: MPG

8 More timid: SHYER

9 Study of literary tools? PENOLOGY

10 7:11, e.g.: RATIO

11 Circular gasket: ORING

12 Impertinent: SASSY

15 The Masters, e.g.: MAJOR

17 Carmex target: LIP

21 MoMA location: NYC

23 Puppy plaything: CHEWTOY

24 Heavyweight fight? SUMO

25 "Rubáiyát" poet: OMAR

27 First rescue boat: ARK

28 Football Hall of Famer Carter: CRIS

32 Count calories: DIET

34 Officers who follow their own code: ROGUECOPS

35 Many months: AGES

36 Christian of "The Big Short": BALE

38 Study of lids and caps? TOPOLOGY

40 Matching group: SET

44 Throw back some Absolut, say: DOSHOTS

47 Sanctify: BLESS

48 Chi __: SOX

51 "All __ in favor ... ": THOSE

52 Bandleader's cue: HITIT

53 Works for: EARNS

54 Rubbernecker: GAPER

56 Evil film computer: HAL

58 Thing: ITEM

59 Dead-end sign word: THRU

60 Screenwriter James: AGEE

63 Wartime prez: ABE

64 Veer off course: YAW

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