LA Times Crossword answers Friday 29 November 2019

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Los Angeles Times 29 November 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 29 November 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Fit together: MESH

5 Explodes: POPS

9 Sources of shade: ELMS

13 Lope opening? ANTE

14 Pacifies: CALMS

16 "The disease of kings": GOUT

17 Plumbing expert? DRAINBRAIN

19 Tasmania's highest peak: OSSA

20 Lively movements: RONDOS

21 Snare: TRAP

23 Idiosyncrasy: TIC

24 Break up: ENDIT

25 Cub Scout meeting refreshment? PACKSNACK

27 Mex. neighbor: USA

29 Robbery: HEIST

30 Candlemaker's choice? WICKPICK

35 Food distribution giant: SYSCO

38 Instrument named for an animal part: HORN

39 Name related to Marge: PEGGY

42 __ beer: NEAR

43 Two-run homer situation: ONEON

45 Zookeeper's job, at times? BEARCARE

47 United Kingdom language: SCOTS

50 Private __: EYE

51 School sports upset: JOCKSHOCK

54 Kosher deli offering: LATKE

59 Place for a slip, perhaps: ICE

60 Cry of pain: YOWL

61 Drawing tool: SIPHON

62 Give temporarily: LEND

64 Inflated thread-count scam? SHEETCHEAT

66 "I did it!": TADA

67 Like cornstalks: EARED

68 Wight, for one: ISLE

69 Highbrow, perhaps: SNOB

70 Pugilistic victories, briefly: TKOS

71 Prized: DEAR


1 Familia member: MADRE

2 Company whose failure brought down an accounting firm: ENRON

3 Remain in force: STAND

4 Alpine protagonist: HEIDI

5 Banned pollutants: PCBS

6 Tool secured by tholes: OAR

7 Oro y __: Montana's motto: PLATA

8 Taint: SMIRCH

9 Psych 101 subject: EGO

10 Drifting, possibly: LOSTATSEA

11 Bach's bailiwick: MUSIC

12 Neat pile: STACK

15 Treacherous type: SNAKE

18 Still in bed: NOTUP

22 Pitchfork-shaped letters: PSIS

25 Walk or run: PACE

26 Timberlake's former band: NSYNC

28 Liquid sample: SIP

30 Question of identity: WHO

31 It carries a charge: ION

32 Orchestral climax: CRESCENDO

33 Rap: KNOCK

34 Cold War agcy.: KGB

36 Sleeper or diner: CAR

37 Smeltery supply: ORE

40 Nerd: GEEK

41 Happy fan's word: YAY

44 Intrusive: NOSY

46 Natural history museum item: RELIC

48 56-Down's opposite: THOSE

49 "I'm not impressed": SOWHAT

51 Stuns at the altar: JILTS

52 Eel's element: OCEAN

53 Counter tender: CLERK

55 Ladybug prey: APHID

56 48-Down's opposite: THESE

57 Eucalyptus eater: KOALA

58 Put in: ENTER

61 Norms: Abbr.: STDS

63 Apply with care: DAB

65 Fair-hiring letters: EEO

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