LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 29 November 2020

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Los Angeles Times 29 November 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 29 November 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Readily available: ONTAP

6 Arabian Peninsula natives: OMANIS

12 Declines: SAYSNO

18 __ apart: WORLDS

20 1998 Winter Games city: NAGANO

21 Place for retiring? PITSTOP

22 *Cuddly toy: STUFFEDANIMAL

24 Was behind: RANLATE

25 April 4, in 2021: EASTER

26 "99 Luftballons" singer whose name is an anagram of two of Henry VIII's wives: NENA

27 Texter's "If you ask me": IMO

28 Q's value in Scrabble: TEN

29 "Solve for x" subj.: ALG

31 Harbor bobber: BUOY

33 Feudal workers: SERFS

35 Pieces with views: OPEDS

37 *Layered lunch: TURKEYCLUB

41 Popular fact source: ALMANAC

43 Hunter seen at night: ORION

44 Rami's role on "Mr. Robot": ELLIOT

47 Sch. with a Lima campus: OSU

48 Swingers' tools: BATS

51 Attend to a boxer, maybe: PETSIT

53 Ill will: ENMITY

55 Irrefutable truth: GOSPEL

57 Litter box emanations: ODORS

60 *Braves outfielder who was the 1990 N.L. Rookie of the Year: DAVIDJUSTICE

62 "Ex on the Beach" channel: MTV

64 Actress Hatcher: TERI

66 Half a film genre portmanteau: ROM

67 Workplaces for RNs: ORS

68 Tiny bit: TAD

69 Cheery greeting: HIHO

70 __-free: cleaning cloth term: LINT

72 Market: SELL

74 Bowlers, e.g.: HATS

75 Menu preposition: ALA

76 Palais pal: AMI

78 Aides for profs: TAS

80 Check, with "in": REIN

82 __ Miss: OLE

83 *Webmaster's concern: DATASECURITY

87 Financial liabilities: DEBTS

89 Ailing: UNWELL

90 Performed a concerto's cadenza: SOLOED

92 Where kitties get pampered: CATSPA

96 Substandard: POOR

97 __ de parfum: EAU

99 Beaux of old: SWAINS

102 Civil rights icon John: LEWIS

103 "Close, but no cigar": NICETRY

106 *Cuts a school period: SKIPSCLASS

108 Prefix with league: INTER

110 Some video files: MPEGS

113 Israeli statesman Abba: EBAN

114 Washington MLBer: NAT

115 "Right this instant!": NOW

116 Global fiscal org.: IMF

118 Piece of cake: SNAP

120 Paid off: BRIBED

123 Sweetums: POOPSIE

125 Field including history, and a hint to the ends of the answers to starred clues: SOCIALSTUDIES

129 Poland neighbor: UKRAINE

130 Entering words: IMHERE

131 Thin piece: SLIVER

132 "Shame on you!": TSKTSK

133 Raised: REARED

134 Topples (over): KEELS


1 Cries of pain: OWS

2 "Just kidding!": NOT

3 2010 Coen brothers remake: TRUEGRIT

4 __ Romeo: ALFA

5 Some downloaded docs: PDFS


7 Superhero suffix: MAN

8 Opposin': AGIN

9 Identifies: NAMES

10 Cockamamie: INANE

11 Discontinued Camry model: SOLARA

12 "The King and I" kingdom: SIAM

13 When two hands come together? ATNOON

14 Luxury bag monogram: YSL

15 *Jackson or Lincoln: STATECAPITAL

16 Prominent: NOTED

17 Warms up the crowd: OPENS

19 Hold in reserve: SETBY

21 Beam benders: PRISMS

23 Court tie: DEUCE

29 Straddling: ATOP

30 Tempt: LURE

32 Festive time: YULE

34 Name on the 1979 album "The Wall": FLOYD

36 MillerCoors rival: PABST

38 Part of the former Yugoslavia: KOSOVO

39 City west of Tulsa: ENID

40 Tough situation: BIND

42 Portend: AUGUR

45 "The Wire" antihero __ Little: OMAR

46 Saves for later viewing: TIVOS

49 Mexican town known for its beer, which is now a Heineken brand: TECATE

50 Winter hillside sights: SLEDS

52 Kid: TOT

54 Track official: TIMER

56 Spy org. created by FDR: OSS

58 Dig find: RELIC

59 Asian honorific: SRI

61 ''Maleficent'' actress: JOLIE

62 City west of Venezia: MILANO

63 *"We'll need a better solution": THATWONTWORK

65 Opening remarks: INTRO

69 Invited to the skybox: HADUP

71 Flip sides? TAILS

73 Was in charge of: LED

74 Low-cost stopover: HOSTEL

76 __ interpreter: press conference figure: ASL

77 Fighting word from the French for "mixture": MELEE

79 Store: STOW

81 "The Good Place" network: NBC

84 EagleCam spot: AERIE

85 Seize illegally: USURP

86 Passing words? YEAS

88 Poolroom powder: TALC

91 What Brinker's boy plugged with a finger: DIKE

93 Graceful vertical entrance: SWANDIVE

94 Birthplace of Galileo: PISA

95 Mgr.'s helper: ASST

98 Cost of withdrawal: ATMFEE

100 Ate in small bits: NIBBLED

101 Exchanges verbal jabs: SPARS

104 Tense situation: CRISIS

105 Private agreement? YESSIR

107 Agitated states: SNITS

108 Two cents: INPUT

109 Partners of crannies: NOOKS

111 Grimm creature: GNOME

112 Actor __ Baron Cohen: SACHA

117 Stole stuff: MINK

119 Docking place: PIER

121 Cheapest way to buy, with "in": BULK

122 "Nurse Jackie" star Falco: EDIE

124 Gentle touch: PAT

126 Exist: ARE

127 Fish in unadon: EEL

128 Yearbook gp.: SRS

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