LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 29 October 2016

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Los Angeles Times 29 October 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 29 October 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Lie quietly? PLAYDUMB

9 1996 gold medalist in men's singles: AGASSI

15 Chipped in from off the green, perhaps: SAVEDPAR

16 Picture appropriate for Valentine's Day: ROMCOM

17 "You can trust me": IDONTLIE

18 Nursery purchase: MANURE

19 Closes a hole, say: SEWS

20 Snowman in "Frozen": OLAF

22 Like most ears: LOBED

23 Marx work: DASKAPITAL

25 What adults with youthful faces often get: CARDED

29 Something on a disk: FILE

30 Symbol that increases a musical note's duration: DOT

32 In conflict with, with "of": AFOUL

33 Nape covering: MANE

34 Sage: WISE

35 "Pretty much goes without saying": ITSALMOSTAGIVEN

38 Hose holder: REEL

39 Leavers of pheromone trails: ANTS

40 Bowl sections: TIERS

41 Star, in verse: ORB

42 Roman commoner: PLEB

43 Series of classes: COURSE

44 Marked by uproar: TUMULTUOUS

47 Ristorante herb: BASIL

48 "Murder in the First" gp.: SFPD

49 Home of A. Wyeth's "Christina's World": MOMA

53 Yoga command: EXHALE

55 Couldn't remain still: FIDGETED

57 Wobble: TEETER

58 Volunteered: ENLISTED

59 Tests: ASSAYS

60 Drives: TEESHOTS


1 Penultimate Greek letters: PSIS

2 Prepare for a crossing, perhaps: LADE

3 Put out in the open: AVOW

4 Hungers: YENS

5 Banned pesticide: DDT

6 Send to the cloud: UPLOAD

7 Posts: MAILS

8 Hotel dining room option: BREAKFASTBUFFET

9 Quarterback's asset: ARM

10 Shot stopper: GOALIE

11 Childish rebuttal: AMNOT

12 Certain explorer: SCUBADIVER

13 They may be upset about being upset: SORELOSERS

14 Chatted with, briefly: IMED

21 Blacks out: FAINTS

23 Texas-based tech giant: DELL

24 Urgent call: PLEA

25 2011 revolution locale: CAIRO


27 Sight from the Oval Office: ROSEBUSHES

28 __ citizenship: DUAL

31 Future, e.g.: TENSE

33 Musée de l'Orangerie collection: MONETS

34 2012 Nintendo debut: WIIU

36 Place to see Santa: MALL

37 Cutlass competitors: GTOS

42 Weight machine feature: PULLEY

43 Get very close: CUDDLE

45 Mazda sports car: MIATA

46 Put forward: OPINE

47 __ testing: BETA

49 Open-textured fabric: MESH

50 One of the Ringling brothers: OTTO

51 Conform to: MEET

52 Goes on to say: ADDS

54 Stumbling sounds: ERS

56 Company makeup, largely: GIS

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