LA Times Crossword answers Monday 29 October 2018

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Los Angeles Times 29 October 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 29 October 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Autos: CARS

5 Cutlass automaker: OLDS

9 Stick-on design: DECAL

14 Fever with chills: AGUE

15 Hide, as a bone: BURY

16 100 bucks: CNOTE

17 Breadbasket item: ROLL

18 Read bar codes on: SCAN

19 "Wizard of __ Park": Edison: MENLO

20 Protective net above a cradle: DREAMCATCHER

23 __ Paulo, Brazil: SAO

24 Some tech sch. grads: EES

25 Type of energy or reactor: ATOMIC

29 '60s-'70s quarterback Tarkenton: FRAN

31 Content cat sound: PURR

33 Spanish gold: ORO

34 Government prosecutor: STATESATTORNEY

37 Philip of "Kung Fu": AHN

38 Live and breathe: ARE

39 "Ich bin __ Berliner": JFK: EIN

40 Reduced responsiveness to medication: DRUGRESISTANCE

45 "Casablanca" pianist: SAM

46 She sheep: EWES

47 Blues singer James: ETTA

48 At first, second or third: ONBASE

50 Long __ of the law: ARM

51 Airline to Stockholm: SAS

54 Unexpected classroom announcement ... and, initially, one hiding in each set of puzzle circles: SURPRISETEST

58 Gorge: CHASM

61 Aesop's also-ran: HARE

62 "East of Eden" director Kazan: ELIA

63 Blender button: PUREE

64 Barely makes, with "out": EKES

65 A short distance away: NEAR

66 Accumulate: AMASS

67 "Wild" frontier place: WEST

68 IRS form IDs: SSNS


1 King and queen: CARDS

2 Greek marketplace: AGORA

3 Hitchhiker's principle? RULEOFTHUMB

4 Actress Ward: SELA


6 "Star Wars" mastermind: LUCAS

7 "Dang!": DRAT

8 Lip-__: mouth the words: SYNC

9 U.S. capital transit system: DCMETRO

10 First month of el año: ENERO

11 Pro's opposite: CON

12 Braves, on scoreboards: ATL

13 DiCaprio, in fan mags: LEO

21 Potatoes partner: MEAT

22 "B.C." cartoonist Johnny: HART

26 Tennis great with nine Grand Slam singles titles: MONICASELES

27 Goodnight woman of song: IRENE

28 Coquettish: COY

30 Tolled like Big Ben: RANG

31 Romeo's rival: PARIS

32 Salt Lake City team: UTES

34 Leftovers wrap: SARAN

35 Postage-paid enc.: SASE

36 Cost of living? RENT

40 Brit. military award: DSO

41 Job applicants' preparations: RESUMES

42 Pretty pitcher: EWER

43 Most concise: TERSEST

44 "Don't look __ like that!": ATME

49 Beasts of burden: ASSES

50 Buenos __: AIRES

52 From China, say: ASIAN

53 Popular performers: STARS

55 "That was close!": PHEW

56 Leaves gatherer: RAKE

57 Addition column: TENS

58 Auditing pro: CPA

59 Run smoothly: HUM

60 Altar in the sky: ARA

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