LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 29 October 2019

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Los Angeles Times 29 October 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 29 October 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Rogues: CADS

5 Is without: HASNT

10 Possesses: OWNS

14 Rose's Broadway love: ABIE

15 Copier brand: RICOH

16 Game with cues and balls: POOL

17 Social event with costumes and facial covers: MASQUERADE

19 Gaelic tongue: ERSE

20 Defunct Amer. soccer competition: USCUP

21 Commented: REMARKED

23 Footwear insert: SHOETREE

26 Slice of history: ERA

27 Homebuyer's need: LOAN

28 Accustom (to): ENURE

32 Ron Weasley's pet Scabbers, for one: RAT

35 The "S" in CBS: Abbr.: SYS

37 San Diego ball club: PADRES

38 Act in a bipartisan way, and what the circled letters do Across and Down: CROSSPARTYLINES

42 Major blood vessels: AORTAS

43 Have a bug: AIL

44 Northern Calif. airport: SFO

45 Avow: SWEAR

46 Lunch hour: NOON

49 Nutrition fig.: RDA

51 Native encountered by Crusoe: CANNIBAL

55 Large watchdogs: MASTIFFS

59 "SNL" alum Cheri: OTERI

60 Rebuke from Caesar: ETTU

61 Kitchen storage brand: TUPPERWARE

64 Rolled-up sandwich: WRAP

65 Office communication: EMAIL

66 "__ hardly wait!": ICAN

67 Internet transmission delays: LAGS

68 Uses for a fee: RENTS

69 Therefore: THUS


1 "The Stranger" novelist Albert: CAMUS

2 Make self-conscious: ABASH

3 "Y.M.C.A." music genre: DISCO

4 Book that continues a story: SEQUEL

5 Charlemagne's domain: Abbr.: HRE

6 Balloon filler: AIR

7 Hiccups cure, so they say: SCARE

8 Lymph __: NODE

9 Unifying feature of many escape rooms: THEME

10 Part of MO: OPERANDI

11 Toil: WORK

12 Odor detector: NOSE

13 Iditarod conveyance: SLED

18 __ no good: scheming: UPTO

22 "That's __ shame": AREAL

24 Speaks in a gravelly voice: RASPS

25 One-named "Only Time" singer: ENYA

29 Caterer's coffeepots: URNS

30 Snorkeling spot: REEF

31 Gas brand in Canada: ESSO

32 Some TVs: RCAS

33 In __: lined up: AROW

34 Ripped up: TORE

36 Mrs., in Madrid: SRA

37 Traffic cone: PYLON

39 Recipients of venture capital: STARTUPS

40 Broadway restaurant founder: SARDI

41 "Mean Girls" screenwriter Fey: TINA

47 __ about: roughly: ONOR

48 Peabrain: NITWIT

50 Chasing: AFTER

51 "Washington Journal" channel: CSPAN

52 Surfer's hangout: BEACH

53 Pianist Claudio: ARRAU

54 Real estate claims: LIENS

55 Whimper: MEWL

56 Gillette brand: ATRA

57 Without a date: STAG

58 Do a slow burn: FUME

62 Mango remnant: PIT

63 Trains over the street: ELS

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