LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 29 October 2020

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Los Angeles Times 29 October 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 29 October 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "__ Come Undone": Wally Lamb novel: SHES

5 They're on the house: COMPS

10 Sty fare: SLOP

14 Guinness logo: HARP

15 Extra rival: ORBIT

16 Info on a blood donor card: TYPE

17 Anger at progress? INROADRAGE

19 Writer Blyton: ENID

20 See 56-Down: POETRY

21 Tops: APEXES

23 Move laterally: SIDLE

24 Human being, for one: MAMMAL

27 Embezzlements? INSIDESWIPES

32 Did not participate: ABSTAINED

35 All-star game side: EAST

36 Rank above maj.: COL

37 Place for a mineral scrub: SPA

38 U.N. workers' rights gp.: ILO

41 __ chi: TAI

42 Amman native: ARAB

44 National Storytelling Festival VIP: RACONTEUR

47 Bills' places? INVOICEBOXES

50 Flora and fauna of different regions: BIOTAS

51 Prepares, as leftovers: WARMS

55 Some colas: PEPSIS

58 "Groovy!": FAROUT

59 National gemstone of Australia: OPAL

60 EMT assignment? INJURYDUTY

64 Apply with a tube, as frosting: PIPE

65 Down source: GEESE

66 Curved molding: OGEE

67 Whole bunch: SCAD

68 Chic, to a Brit: NOBBY

69 Challenge for the cleaning staff: MESS


1 They might be icebreakers: SHIPS

2 Asian capital on the Red River: HANOI

3 Flubbed a play: ERRED

4 Drew attention to: SPOTLIT

5 Buffalo Bill Museum city: CODY

6 Two-time Art Ross Trophy winner Bobby: ORR

7 Deg. offered at Duke's Fuqua School: MBA

8 Pua of "Moana," e.g.: PIG

9 Cooks in a bamboo basket: STEAMS

10 Metal marble: STEELIE

11 Forest cat: LYNX

12 Ryan Hurst's "Sons of Anarchy" role: OPIE

13 Sidewalk traffic, for short: PEDS

18 Sports venues: ARENAS

22 Fox foot: PAW

24 Mosque tower: MINARET

25 Drink suffix: ADE

26 Docs: MEDICOS

28 Sample: SIP

29 Cracker topper: PATE

30 Old Testament twin: ESAU

31 Recipe verb: STIR

32 Dark purple berry: ACAI

33 First word of two Springsteen album titles: BORN

34 Balkan native: SLAV

39 Salmon cured in brine: LOX

40 Like some city streets: ONEWAY

43 "Cool Runnings" vehicle: BOBSLED

45 Court org.: ABA

46 Russia, until 1917: TSARDOM

48 Son of a son: III

49 Guarantee, as a loan: COSIGN

52 Nice red: ROUGE

53 Silences with a button: MUTES

54 Lid woes: STYES

55 Bursts: POPS

56 With 20-Across, Homer's medium: EPIC

57 Dad: PAPA

58 Glenn of The Eagles: FREY

61 New prefix: NEO

62 Bush in Florida: JEB

63 Port letters: USB

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