LA Times Crossword answers Friday 29 October 2021

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Los Angeles Times 29 October 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 29 October 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Bad-mouth: DIS

4 Times to call, in ads: AFTS

8 Descendants of Muhammad, in Shi'ism: IMAMS

13 Mag for execs: INC

14 Down: BLUE

15 Irritate: GNAWAT

16 Submits a racy version of a film to the MPAA? CHANCESR

18 Certain war hero: AIRACE

19 Fictional spread near Jonesboro: TARA

20 "La Dolce Vita" co-star: EKBERG

22 Sailor's pronoun: SHE

23 Come down: ALIGHT

25 Trouble at the family rec center? YBOTHER

27 Wound up: TENSE

28 Scottish refusal: NAE

30 Serious observance: RITE

31 Work unit: ERG

32 Passionate: AVID

34 Started to overtake, with "on": GAINED

36 Filling in for rapper Cardi? SPELLINGB

38 Watercolor user: ARTIST

41 Water color: AQUA

42 On the __: famous: MAP

45 Sailor's emergency container: BAIL

46 Frank McCourt memoir: TIS

47 Govt. security: TBILL

49 Deans, professors and undergrads? UPEOPLE

52 Qajar dynasty's domain: PERSIA

53 Wilt: SAG

54 Ebert's partner in the 2000s: ROEPER

57 Library ID: ISBN

58 Win over: ENAMOR

60 Mediocre bakery item in home ec class? CBISCUIT

62 Muss: RUMPLE

63 "Roll Tide" school: BAMA

64 Witness: SEE

65 Battle tactic: SIEGE

66 Kid stuff: SNAP

67 Word in a recipe: ADD


1 Command: DICTATE

2 Asthma sufferer's relief: INHALER

3 Working hard to find, with "up": SCARING

4 Fox competitor: ABC

5 Sails force? FLEET

6 Narwhal feature: TUSK

7 Macedonian's neighbor: SERB

8 __ Montoya, "The Princess Bride" role: INIGO

9 Scrape, say: MAR

10 Flooded with: AWASHIN

11 Tool for the jungle: MACHETE

12 Guided: STEERED

15 Duds: GARB

17 Won't leave alone: NAGS

21 "__ of the Needle": Ken Follett novel: EYE

24 Piles: HEAPS

26 Common newspaper nickname: TRIB

28 Zippo: NIL

29 Two-time loser to Ike: ADLAI

33 Check for accuracy: VET

34 Safari sight: GNU

35 Rock with bands: AGATE

36 Rural skyline feature: SILO

37 Nos. averaging 100: IQS

38 Ones who take too much advantage of a privilege, e.g.: ABUSERS

39 Easter Island, to natives: RAPANUI

40 Draw: TIEGAME

42 Pageant held in Memphis in 2020: MISSUSA

43 Said, "She was with me all day," say: ALIBIED

44 Put in the ground: PLANTED

46 Three-way joint: TEE

48 __-a-brac: BRIC

50 Worker, informally: PROLE

51 Stuff of legends: LORE

52 __ ballerina: PRIMA

55 Banned pollutants, for short: PCBS

56 Meir contemporary: EBAN

59 It's usually higher on the hwy.: MPG

61 Weaken: SAP

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