LA Times Crossword answers Friday 29 September 2017

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Los Angeles Times 29 September 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 29 September 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Roman jet? DCX

4 Start of a rhyming Basque game: JAI

7 Reason to use an inhaler: ASTHMA

13 Knock: RAP

14 Cry buckets: BAWL

15 Unexpected twist: SPRAIN

16 The record longest continuous ride on one is 105.57 miles: UNICYCLE

18 Unlikely to ride a 16-Across well: KLUTZY

19 Hunted Carroll critter: SNARK

20 Balm-maker's plants: ALOES

22 A.L. East team: BOS

23 Roman's advice to prevent an explosion? COUNTTOX

27 '80s jeans: GITANOS

31 SOP part: Abbr.: STD

32 "48 __": HRS

33 Assistant who didn't exist in Mary Shelley's novel: IGOR

34 Whiskey order: NEAT

36 "... beneath __ blue sky": Don Henley lyric: ADEEP

38 Stubborn equine: MULE

39 Roman variety store? (and a hint to 10 other puzzle answers): VANDX

41 Perry's creator: ERLE

42 Dull finish: MATTE

44 F-__: STOP

45 A hothead has a short one: FUSE

46 67.5 deg.: ENE

47 Item before a door: MAT

49 Sack out: GOTOBED

51 Roman Shakespearean drama? VACTPLAY

54 Bargain bin abbr.: IRR

55 Bete __: NOIRE

56 Immature dragonfly: NYMPH

59 Stereotypically stylish: UPTOWN

62 Leaves port: SETSSAIL

65 Facial feature named after an animal: GOATEE

66 Muscovite's denial: NYET

67 Whiskey option: RYE

68 They usually leave the park: HOMERS

69 Key contraction: OER

70 Roman graveyard shift hour? VAM


1 R&B's __ Hill: DRU

2 Soup aisle array: CANS

3 Roman bowler's target? XPIN

4 Roman musical family? JACKSONV

5 Hole-making tool: AWL

6 Intestinal: ILEAC

7 Invite on a date: ASKOUT

8 NutraSweet competitor: SPLENDA

9 Have faith in: TRUST

10 Noodle topper? HAT

11 "Les __": MIZ

12 At least one: ANY

14 "... truth is always strange; / Stranger than fiction" poet: BYRON

17 "Willkommen" musical: CABARET

21 Words on a reward poster: LOSTDOG

24 "... there's __!": Hamlet: THERUB

25 Intimidating words: ORELSE

26 Roman bike? XSPEED

27 Roman "high" request? GIMMEV

28 Exotic pet: IGUANA

29 Pre-Aztec Mexican: TOLTEC

30 Multi-armed ocean critter: SEASTAR

35 Bad picnic omen: ANT

37 Gets bent out of shape: DEFORMS

40 Roman Scrabble Q-tile, e.g.? XPOINTER

43 Authorize: EMPOWER

48 Dior designs: ALINES

50 Secret hot date: TRYST

52 Fed. bill: TNOTE

53 Simple question type: YESNO

57 Roman's long golf hole? PARV

58 Casual greeting: HIYA

59 "That stinks!": UGH

60 Nanki-__: POO

61 Bagpiper's hat: TAM

63 Anatomical orb: EYE

64 Apollo lander, briefly: LEM

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