LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 29 September 2020

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Los Angeles Times 29 September 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 29 September 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 URL ending for MoMA: ORG

4 Early film legend Greta: GARBO

9 Pie crust fat: LARD

13 Even __: 72, often, in golf: PAR

14 Perfect: IDEAL

15 Off to the side, at sea: ABEAM

17 Dye type: AZO

18 *Where a strike usually isn't lucky: BOWLINGLANE

20 "Madam Secretary" star Téa: LEONI

22 Meadow sound: MOO

23 Sales rep's customer: Abbr.: ACCT

24 1,760-yard runner: MILER

27 Eggy cakes: TORTES

29 *Dinner guest's gift: BOTTLEOFWINE

33 Garbage can emanation: ODOR

34 Feature of higher-numbered pool balls: STRIPE

35 Shoulder-shrugging syllable: MEH

38 Tim who played pro football and pro baseball: TEBOW

40 2,000 pounds: TON

41 Take care of: SEETO

43 Opposite of NNW: SSE

44 Danish birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen: ODENSE

47 Cut short: CROP

48 *Fencing may mark it: BOUNDARYLINE

50 Whac-A-Mole setting: ARCADE

53 Take to lunch, say: TREAT

54 Buddies: PALS

55 Bond creator Fleming: IAN

58 Sky-supporting Titan: ATLAS

61 *Orthopedist's concerns ... and what you'll find in two parts in the answers to the starred clues: BROKENBONES

65 Before, in verse: ERE

66 Lop off: SEVER

67 100-meter freestyle, e.g.: EVENT

68 Black or Caspian: SEA

69 Blacks' foes in checkers: REDS

70 Shabby: TATTY

71 H.S. challenge: SAT


1 Down Under gem: OPAL

2 Demolish: RAZE

3 Man at the altar: GROOMTOBE

4 1944 law for returning vets: GIBILL

5 Bustle: ADO

6 DVR button: REW

7 Lip soother: BALM

8 Mishmash: OLIO

9 Transmission delay: LAG

10 Like trumpeting trumpets: ABLARE

11 Laugh at a joke, say: REACT

12 Hula or hora: DANCE

16 Yanks' crosstown rivals: METS

19 "Reward" for poor service: NOTIP

21 TNT component: NITRO

25 Wide shoe sizes: EES

26 Bad to the core: ROTTEN

28 Small bills: ONES

29 Spammers, often: BOTS

30 Poetic tributes: ODES

31 Fern leaf: FROND

32 Comes out on top in: WINSAT

35 Good for nothing: MERITLESS

36 George Orwell's alma mater: ETON

37 Optimism: HOPE

39 Outdated tennis racket material: WOOD

42 Panache: ECLAT

45 Scheduled to land: DUEIN

46 Slip up: ERR

48 Lolled on a beach: BASKED

49 Like bread dough: YEASTY

50 PD alerts: APBS

51 Less common: RARER

52 Garlic unit: CLOVE

56 Stand lookout for, as a heist: ABET

57 Flaring star: NOVA

59 __ code: AREA

60 Pants part: SEAT

62 Busy hosp. areas: ERS

63 Tennis court essential: NET

64 Tolkien creature: ENT

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