LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 3 April 2018

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Los Angeles Times 3 April 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 3 April 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Sound from Rover: ARF

4 Quite anxious: ALARMED

11 Canada's most populous prov.: ONT

14 Corporate VIP: CEO

15 Pudding choice: TAPIOCA

16 Canada's least populous prov.: PEI

17 Mess up: ERR

18 *Sci-fi energy ray that grabs ships: TRACTORBEAM

20 Set of guidelines, as for grading papers: RUBRIC

22 Big stretch of time: EON

23 Pay to play: ANTE

24 Tattle: SNITCH

25 Cheer on: ROOTFOR

27 __ Moines: DES

28 Hailed car: CAB

30 Sign before Virgo: LEO

31 "Then what happened?": AND

33 Sang 29-Down: SOLOED

35 Tattle: RAT

38 "Joltin'" DiMaggio: JOE

39 Puts in new film: RELOADS

40 "Dawg!": BRO

41 Columnist Landers: ANN

42 Sees right through: ISONTO

43 Salt Lake City athlete: UTE

44 Family cat, e.g.: PET

46 In medias __: RES

47 "Big Brother" channel: CBS

49 Soda can feature: PULLTAB

52 Yacht spot: MARINA

55 Word of lament for "poor Yorick": ALAS

56 __-pitch softball: SLO

58 The "U" in "MVEMJSUN": URANUS

59 Small, influential group ... and a hint to the word hidden in each answer to a starred clue: INNERCIRCLE

62 Suffix with ranch: ERO

63 "Norma __": Sally Field film: RAE

64 Witty remarks: BONMOTS

65 ID on a W-9 form: SSN

66 Concorde, e.g., briefly: SST

67 Martyred bishop of Paris: STDENIS

68 "Ha! Told ya!": SEE


1 Taiwanese laptops: ACERS

2 Syndicated sitcom, say: RERUN

3 *Sci-fi classic featuring Robby the Robot: FORBIDDENPLANET

4 Top stories: ATTICS

5 Durable wood: LARCH

6 Mental health org.: APA

7 Beans go-with: RICE

8 *Vessels pulling water-skiers: MOTORBOATS

9 Budget, in product names: ECONO

10 Patriotic women's org.: DAR

11 *Sign outside a new store: OPENFORBUSINESS

12 "That's awesome!": NEATO

13 Sometimes egg-shaped kitchen gadget: TIMER

19 Diminish: BATE

21 Numbered rd.: RTE

26 Auto pioneer: OLDS

28 *Unable to tell red from green, say: COLORBLIND

29 Without company: ALONE

31 "How to Get Away With Murder" actress __ Naomi King: AJA

32 "Smoking or __?": NON

33 French "his": SES

34 Tokyo, once: EDO

36 Word after op or pop: ART

37 Foot part: TOE

39 "Hud" director Martin: RITT

45 Ultimatum word: ELSE

47 Tender touch: CARESS

48 Sports __: BRA

49 Socks from the dryer, hopefully: PAIRS

50 Radii neighbors: ULNAS

51 Fancy neckwear: ASCOT

52 Vitamin prefix: MULTI

53 Rehab center staffer: NURSE

54 Synchronously: ASONE

57 "It's her __": relationship ultimatum: ORME

60 NFL playmakers: RBS

61 Cheat: CON

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