LA Times Crossword answers Friday 3 August 2018

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Los Angeles Times 3 August 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 3 August 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Indian state bordering Bhutan: ASSAM

6 Pasture sound: BLEAT

11 Cheese go-with: HAM

14 Fiji neighbor: TONGA

15 Asperity: RIGOR

16 Trick taker, often: ACE

17 Dog that loves a burger topping? ONIONBEAGLE

19 Mme., in Madrid: SRA

20 Blueprint: MAP

21 Loved ones: DEARS

22 Colorless: ASHEN

24 Repeating: ITERANT

26 "__ Day": chapter in the '50s "The Thin Man" TV series: ASTA

28 Noel: CAROL

29 Dog that loves a winter sport? HOCKEYPUG

34 Called from the pasture: BAAED

36 Bearish? URSINE

37 "The Facts of Life" actress Charlotte: RAE

40 Barbecue, say: BROIL

42 "As if!": NOT

43 Equanimity: APLOMB

46 Vacant, as an apartment: UNLET

49 Dog that loves to play in the rain? MUDPOODLE

51 Green pair, often: PUTTS

55 "Do __ others ... ": UNTO

56 Cancellation of a sort: RAINOUT

58 Bit of statuary: TORSO

61 Undercover cops' gear: WIRES

63 Part of un giorno: ORA

64 Brown, e.g.: IVY

65 Dog that loves spaghetti? PASTACOCKER

68 Born, in Brest: NEE

69 Vast quantity: OCEAN

70 Socially active sort: DATER

71 Triage ctrs.: ERS

72 Limp Bizkit vocalist Fred: DURST

73 Black shade: EBONY


1 Very minute: ATOMIC

2 Beethoven's "Moonlight," for one: SONATA

3 Inveterate critic: SNIPER

4 Back: AGO

5 Hindu meditation aid: MANDALA


7 Pinocchio, at times: LIAR

8 Arachnid's hatching pouch: EGGSAC

9 Verizon subsidiary: AOL

10 Generous bar buddy: TREATER

11 Chop finely: HASH

12 Real estate unit: ACRE

13 Signify: MEAN

18 Oscar winner Kingsley: BEN

23 Comes out with: SAYS

25 Take badly? ROB

27 "Hamlet" prop: SKULL

30 Two-time N.L. batting champ Lefty: ODOUL

31 One standing at the end of a lane: PIN

32 A, in Acapulco: UNO

33 Acquire: GET

35 Brothers' keeper? ABBOT

37 Zodiac critter: RAM

38 Toon storekeeper: APU

39 Antiquity, in antiquity: ELD

41 Perfectly correct: INERRANT

44 27, for Beethoven's "Moonlight": OPUS

45 One-legged camera support: MONOPOD

47 Netflix installment: EPISODE

48 252 wine gallons: TUN

50 Divining rod: DOWSER

52 Grew fond of: TOOKTO

53 Deep dish: TUREEN

54 Like a cloudless night: STARRY

57 NRC forerunner: AEC

58 Food sticker: TINE

59 "Your turn": OVER

60 Bakery selections: RYES

62 See __ an omen: ITAS

66 Prefix with pressure: ACU

67 Hack: CAB

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