LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 3 December 2016

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Los Angeles Times 3 December 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 3 December 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Major clothing chain: TJMAXX

7 Free speech inhibitor? SWEARJAR

15 Morsel: WEEBIT

16 Tufted tweeter: TITMOUSE

17 Unspecific threat: ORELSE

18 "Right you are!": YESSIREE

19 "Women and Love" author Shere: HITE

20 Tach readings: RPMS

22 Norwegian king during the Cold War: OLAVV

23 Serial sequence: ARC

24 Attributes: TRAITS

26 Door opener? DEE

27 Where Martin Scorsese taught Oliver Stone: Abbr.: NYU

28 Rhein tributary: AARE

29 16th-century rulers: TUDORS

32 Archaeologist, at times: DATER

34 Capital of Kazakhstan: ASTANA

36 Disdained, with "at": SNEEZED

38 Mickey Rooney septet: EXWIVES

42 Blue on screen: RATEDX

44 Last Supper query: ISITI

45 Completely overhauled: REDONE

48 Revival figs.: EMTS

50 Texter's appreciation: THX

51 I, perhaps: ONE

52 Harsh: SEVERE

54 U.N. ambassador appointed by JFK: AES

55 2008 Best New Artist Grammy winner: ADELE

58 Sweet sign-off: XOXO

59 King Ahab's father: OMRI

60 Different exercises performed consecutively: SUPERSET

62 Boxer Rebellion setting: PEKING

64 Cherish: TREASURE

65 Shady Records co-founder: EMINEM

66 Snakes: SERPENTS

67 Event associated with warm climates and big midday meals: SIESTA


1 Driving instructor's reminder: TWOHANDS

2 "Star Trek: Voyager" actress: JERIRYAN

3 Initial encounter in a romcom: MEETCUTE

4 Fit: ABLE

5 Frat letters: XIS

6 Former Nissan SUV: XTERRA

7 Hinders: STYMIES

8 "Bullets Over Broadway" Oscar winner: WIEST

9 Sci-fi staples: ETS

10 Recess rejoinder: AMSO

11 Stir up: ROIL

12 Katy of "High Noon": JURADO

13 Sincere sign-off: ASEVER

14 Player of Kent: REEVES

21 Flaunt: PARADE

24 Fiction's Lord Greystoke: TARZAN

25 Pringles alternative: STAX

30 Ill-conceived: UNWISE

31 Stand for 45-Down: DAIS

33 First name in architecture: EERO

35 Hybrid cuisine: TEXMEX

37 "Nos __": 2000s French-Canadian drama set in a summer home: ETES

39 Total assets? VITAMINS

40 One way to connect nowadays: ETHERNET

41 Quality control process with an alphanumeric symbol: SIXSIGMA

43 Allots: DEVOTES

45 They involve insult comedy: ROASTS

46 Stomach: ENDURE

47 Superior, vis-ˆ-vis Michigan: DEEPER

49 Metaphors, e.g.: TROPES

53 Wield: EXERT

56 Vault: LEAP

57 Language that gave us "plaid": ERSE

59 Tom Joad, e.g.: OKIE

61 Flare producer: SUN

63 "Big four" record company: EMI

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