LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 3 December 2020

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Los Angeles Times 3 December 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 3 December 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 It's not clear: BLUR

5 Strategic corporate name change: REBRAND

12 Expert: PRO

15 Arm bone: ULNA

16 Outshine: ECLIPSE

17 Cornish game __: HEN

18 Home of the highest terrestrial biodiversity: RAINFORESTCANOPY

21 Partner of mirrors: SMOKE

22 What duct tape has a lot of: USES

23 Computer operating system with a penguin mascot: LINUX

24 Color like khaki: TAN

25 Little helper? ASST

27 Identify: PEG

28 Texter's segue: BTW

29 Building up: AMASSING

34 3-Down concern: SCAB

37 ICU hookups: IVDRIPS

40 19th Greek letter: TAU


44 Craft measured in cubits: ARK

45 What chefs do often: RETASTE

46 Single-file travelers, at times: ANTS

47 "King Arthur's Song" musical: SPAMALOT

49 Red or Ross: SEA

51 Were, now: ARE

52 Baja's opposite: ALTA

54 __ Mahal: TAJ

57 Chew out: SCOLD

59 Fast-food option: TOGO

61 Extra: SPARE

63 Superior ... or what this puzzle's circled letters represent? ACUTABOVETHEREST

66 Relations: KIN

67 Part of the CMYK color model: MAGENTA

68 Bassoon cousin: OBOE

69 It can cover a lot of ground: SOD

70 Specter: PHANTOM

71 Puts on: DONS


1 Rupture: BURST

2 Cub : bear :: cria : ___: LLAMA

3 Group with a rep: UNION

4 Arrange in order: RANK

5 Rock's __ Speedwagon: REO

6 Beige relatives: ECRUS

7 Hallowed: BLEST

8 What yeast makes dough do: RISE

9 Bldg. units: APTS

10 Situation Room gp.: NSC

11 "You're on!": DEAL

12 Do the minimum: PHONEITIN


14 Black stone: ONYX

19 Bowling a 300, e.g.: FEAT

20 Pinches: NIPS

26 Turn while seated: SWIVEL

28 MLB scorecard entries: BBS

29 Wonder Woman adversary: ARES

30 Drops above the ground: MIST

31 H.S. exam for college credit: APTEST

32 Georgia, once: Abbr.: SSR

33 Courage: GUTS

34 Apt rhyme for "aahs": SPAS

35 Italian dish of thinly sliced raw meat or fish: CARPACCIO

36 Do some informal polling: ASKAROUND

38 Quash: VETO

39 "Fiddlesticks!": DRAT

42 George's musical brother: IRA

43 Energizer size: AAA

48 Liquefy: MELT

50 State of comfort: EASE

52 Secret __: AGENT

53 Numbers game: LOTTO

54 Fitness portmanteau: TAEBO

55 Burning issue? ARSON

56 Ballet leaps: JETES

57 Upscale retailer: SAKS

58 Slightly soggy: DAMP

59 Frat party costume: TOGA

60 One may be self-cleaning: OVEN

62 Spur: PROD

64 Cry of disgust: BAH

65 Western omelet morsel: HAM

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