LA Times Crossword answers Friday 3 December 2021

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Los Angeles Times 3 December 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 3 December 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Some model home residents: DOLLS

6 Wrinkle, as one's brow: KNIT

10 Rocky greetings: YOS

13 '40s-'50s "Giant Brain": ENIAC

14 Streaming biggie: ROKU

15 Gas station convenience: MART

16 Nightclub for seasonal workers? ELFCABARET

18 Capital on a fjord: OSLO

19 Easter supply: DYE

20 Watson portrayer opposite Jonny Lee Miller's Holmes: LIU

21 California athlete: ANGEL

22 Reaction to opening a can of Whiskas? CATSAPPLAUSE

26 Hardly well: RARE

29 Surprise hits: SLEEPERS

30 Pontificates: OPINES

33 Narrow strip of wood: LATH

34 Hit shows, and a hint to four puzzle answers: BROADWAYSMASHES

40 Top-notch: AONE

41 Note in the key of B major: DSHARP

42 Hung jury result: MISTRIAL

46 Pop of pop music: IGGY

47 Like the Charles River in February, to a local? WICKEDFROZEN

50 Nice thoughts? IDEES

51 What "W" may mean: WIN

52 Pilot or Explorer: SUV

55 Gold rush town where Wyatt Earp ran the Dexter Saloon: NOME

56 Styling gel for a '50's teenager? HAIRGREASE

60 "Dagnabbit!": DRAT

61 Wind from the French for "high wood": OBOE

62 Baseball VIP: OWNER

63 Half of a Chinese pair: YIN

64 Conference giveaways: PENS

65 Demanding attention: NEEDY


1 Act: DEED

2 Just: ONLY

3 Long sentence: LIFE

4 Lakers rivals, on NBA scoreboards: LAC

5 Milan's La __: SCALA

6 Alison of bluegrass: KRAUSS

7 Scand. land: NOR

8 Prez after Harry: IKE

9 Tsk relative: TUT

10 Max who owned the Woodstock farmland: YASGUR

11 Discount phrase: ORLESS

12 Pinched: STOLE

15 "Hidden Figures" actress Janelle __: MONAE

17 Tiny amount: BIT

21 Top dogs: ALPHAS

22 Wrestler-turned-actor John: CENA

23 Not seasonal: ALLYEAR

24 Pod residents? PEAS

25 Website for animal owners: PETMD

26 Hold up: ROB

27 Fig. in lending: APR

28 2016 Olympics city: RIO

31 Tinder outings: EDATES

32 There's a point to it: SWORD

35 "It's not __, it's a when": ANIF

36 __ guard: SHIN

37 Crone: HAG

38 Unit of energy: ERG

39 Bond, for one: SPY

42 Olympic skater Ito: MIDORI

43 Certain clutch player, in sports parlance: ICEMAN

44 Shooting competition: SKEET

45 A bit fuzzy, as an image: LOWRES

47 Blowing a lot: WINDY

48 Evasive maneuver: ZIG

49 2001 scandal subject: ENRON

52 Sound: SANE

53 Secondhand: USED

54 To a high degree: VERY

56 Bunny __: HOP

57 White House nickname: ABE

58 Charged particle: ION

59 Farm mom: EWE

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