LA Times Crossword answers Monday 3 February 2020

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Los Angeles Times 3 February 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 3 February 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Actor Beatty: NED

4 Spirited horse: ARAB

8 Cold-weather omen on Groundhog Day: SHADOW

14 Prefix with Pen: EPI

15 Leisurely pace: LOPE

16 Dwell: RESIDE

17 Getaway car driver: WHEELMAN

19 Flowery van Gogh painting: IRISES

20 Superficially highbrow: ARTY

21 Play segments: ACTS

23 Cheese go-with: MAC

24 Injured in the bullring: GORED

26 Golfer's dream: HOLEINONE

30 Put inside: ENCLOSE

32 German "east": OST

33 Dead __ Scrolls: SEA

34 Bank acct. addition: INT

35 Little trickster: IMP

36 One of 50 on the U.S. flag: STAR

37 You can't go back after passing it: POINTOFNORETURN

42 Went up: ROSE

43 35-Down relative: LLC

44 Land in the Seine: ILE

45 Lennon's love Yoko: ONO

46 Chinese chairman: MAO

47 Everlasting: ETERNAL

51 Kit and caboodle: BALLOFWAX

54 Hundred Acre Wood creator: MILNE

55 Help: AID

56 Lab safety org.? SPCA

58 Clinton and Obama, astrologically: LEOS

59 Escape: GETOUT

62 Tops of sewing fasteners ... and what the starts of 17-, 26-, 37- and 51-Across can have: PINHEADS

64 In a fair way: EVENLY

65 Ivan or Nicholas: TSAR

66 Observe: SEE

67 Common people, with "the": MASSES

68 "Family Guy" creator MacFarlane: SETH

69 "Cats" monogram: TSE


1 Genre for Enya: NEWAGE

2 Screenwriter Nora: EPHRON

3 Low-calorie cola, familiarly: DIETRC

4 100 percent: ALL

5 Most populous cittĖ† in Italia: ROMA

6 Geronimo's tribe: APACHE

7 Japanese box lunch: BENTO

8 __ Lanka: SRI

9 Hardly a social butterfly: HERMIT

10 From China, say: ASIAN

11 "The Simpsons" character named for a dance era: DISCOSTU

12 Keats' "__ on a Grecian Urn": ODE

13 Director Craven: WES

18 Face sketcher's horizontal reference: EYELINE

22 NFL replay review aid: SLOMO

25 "Please stop!": DONT

27 __ de corps: camaraderie: ESPRIT

28 Not at all far: NEAR

29 Pull down, as a salary: EARN

31 Minn. college named for a Norwegian king: STOLAF

35 Business name abbr.: INC

36 Squeaky clean, as an operating room: STERILE

37 "No __!": "Easy!": PROB

38 Charlie Chaplin's actress granddaughter: OONA

39 Quarantines: ISOLATES

40 Runs smoothly: FLOWS

41 K thru 6: ELEM

46 The "M" in LEM: MODULE

47 Type of tax: EXCISE

48 Phillies' div.: NLEAST

49 Voltaic cell terminals: ANODES

50 Tenant: LESSEE

52 Detroit NFL team: LIONS

53 Dr. visits: APPTS

57 Med. school subject: ANAT

59 Diamond, for one: GEM

60 Sister of Zsa Zsa: EVA

61 TV's Burrell and Pennington: TYS

63 Princely title: Abbr.: HRH

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