LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 3 February 2021

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Los Angeles Times 3 February 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 3 February 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Playground game: TAG

4 Theatrical backdrops: SCRIMS

10 Academic pds.: SEMS

14 4-Down may be added to it: OIL

15 Tour: TRAVEL

16 Prose-fixing job: EDIT

17 Expert: PRO

18 Settlement for prisoners: PENALCOLONY

20 Iberian river: EBRO

22 Countless years: EON

23 One with cinco dedos: MANO

24 Place to display tchotchkes: KNICKKNACKSHELF

29 Die down, as a storm: ABATE

30 Type: ILK

31 "What was __ think?": ITO

32 High-level H.S. classes: APS

34 Prefix with cycle: UNI

35 Linseed oil source: FLAX

36 She voices Elsa in "Frozen" films: IDINAMENZEL

39 PC connections: DSLS

41 Little rascal: IMP

42 "MASH" milieu: Abbr.: KOR

43 Slippery swimmer: EEL

44 Pre-1868 Tokyo: EDO

45 Like Stout's Nero Wolfe: OBESE

49 Approximately 247 acres: SQUAREKILOMETER

54 Govt. agency with an Informed Delivery service: USPS

55 Cry from a crib: WAH

56 Distant relative of the emu: RHEA

57 Pocket money ... and what's in the puzzle's circles? LOOSECHANGE

61 Supergirl's symbol: ESS

62 Wheel cover: TIRE

63 "That's unnecessary": NONEED

64 GPS indication: RTE

65 Soap since 1965, familiarly: DAYS

66 Like plans yet to be finalized: NOTSET

67 Grass in a roll: SOD


1 Capital east of Denver: TOPEKA

2 Site with many home pages? AIRBNB

3 Name spelled out in a Van Morrison song: GLORIA

4 "The Racer's Edge": STP

5 Golf course hazard: CREEK

6 Used as fuel: RANON

7 Donald Jr.'s mom: IVANA

8 Many-voiced Blanc: MEL

9 Capital WNW of Denver: SLC

10 Psalm instruction: SELAH

11 Three-time "Modern Family" Emmy nominee: EDONEILL

12 Company that merged with Konica: MINOLTA

13 Oinker's digs: STY

19 Siberian city: OMSK

21 Eightsomes: OCTADS

25 French military cap: KEPI

26 French film: CINE

27 "Hogan's Heroes" colonel: KLINK

28 Sly critter: FOX

33 Derogatory: SNIDE

34 Decision maker at home: UMP

35 "Show Boat" author: FERBER

36 Apparent: ILLUSORY

37 Wild way to run: AMOK

38 New way for many to meet: ZOOM

39 __ Moines: DES

40 Giant redwood: SEQUOIA

44 Scots Gaelic: ERSE

46 Old anesthetics: ETHERS

47 Makes sure of: SEESTO

48 Took off the board: ERASED

50 Altar areas: APSES

51 Start of a demand: IWANT

52 Bowling sites: LANES

53 "Well, shucks!": OHGEE

57 Bygone Ford: LTD

58 Current events TV channel: CNN

59 "Woo-__!": HOO

60 Savannah summer hrs.: EDT

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