LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 3 February 2022

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Los Angeles Times 3 February 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 3 February 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Goes on and on: JAWS

5 Like storytelling: ORAL

9 Continued violently: RAGED

14 Spiky succulent: ALOE

15 Half a salon job: PEDI

16 Prize: ADORE

17 Failed to honor: RENEGEDON

19 Like some diets: VEGAN

20 Psychiatry? MINDBUSINESS

22 Like a pin? ASNEAT

25 Hockey great Phil, to fans: ESPO

26 Golfer's support: TEE

27 L.A. commuter org.: MTA

28 Remind over and over: NAG

30 Neighbor of Greece: Abbr.: ALB

32 A noble title and entr┼Że into high society? COUNTBLESSINGS

38 Father: SIRE

39 Jimmy Eat World genre: EMO

40 R&B artist India.__: ARIE

42 Passion of a well-trained city dog? CURBENTHUSIASM

47 Alternative to email: FAX

48 German grandpa: OPA

49 '60s war zone: NAM

50 Speaker in a typical Swifty: TOM

53 Craft brew choices: IPAS

56 How Mona Lisa smiles: SUBTLY

58 Blue plumage, say? SWALLOWPRIDE

61 Many pop soloists: ALTOS

62 Settings for hiking and running: GRIDIRONS

66 In again: RETRO

67 Comfort: EASE

68 With 71-Across, possible result of my gain ... and what four long answers have undergone? YOUR

69 "The Dancing Couple" painter Jan: STEEN

70 Place for pupils: EYES

71 See 68-Across: LOSS


1 Mason __: JAR

2 It may be blonde or amber: ALE

3 Captured: WON

4 Note below F? SEEME

5 Drinks may be put on one: OPENTAB

6 Funny Foxx: REDD

7 Spanish for "mudbrick": ADOBE

8 "House intellectual" in "Peanuts," per Schulz: LINUS

9 Pockets usually stuffed: RAVIOLI

10 Mideast port city: ADEN

11 Fetch: GOGET

12 Totally remove: ERASE

13 Hard to get through ... or get through to: DENSE

18 Oracle Park player: GIANT

21 Places for 15-Acrosses: SPAS

22 Old Ramblers, briefly: AMCS

23 Stiff-upper-lip type: STOIC

24 Tiny Pacific nation: NAURU

29 Scottish lowland: GLEN

31 "Sons of," in temple names: BNAI

33 Indoor ball brand: NERF

34 Lifesaver, briefly: EMT

35 Carnaby Street's district: SOHO

36 Johnson successor: GRANT

37 Scratching post material: SISAL

41 Part of EGOT: EMMY

43 Abandons in a crisis: BAILSON

44 Fairly large fair: EXPO

45 Silver linings: UPSIDES

46 Medina resident: SAUDI

50 Makeup of a long Russian line: TSARS

51 Parliament newcomer? OWLET

52 Photo finish: MATTE

54 "What a shame!": AWGEE

55 Surf feature: SPRAY

57 New Hampshire state mineral: BERYL

59 Stories to pass on: LORE

60 Hike: RISE

63 Castle queenside, in chess notation: OOO

64 Xi preceders: NUS

65 Prom gp.: SRS

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