LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 3 January 2017

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Los Angeles Times 3 January 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 3 January 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "C'mon, be __": APAL

5 Flightless South American bird: RHEA

9 Clay pigeon hurlers: TRAPS

14 Cookbook author Rombauer: IRMA

15 Brand at Petco: IAMS

16 Highest-ranking Boy Scout: EAGLE

17 Flutist Herbie or novelist Thomas: MANN

18 Damning evidence: SMOKINGGUN

20 Heavy hammer: SLEDGE

22 Gives holy orders to: ORDAINS

23 Angler's end-of-line item: FISHINGLURE

26 Scratch (out): EKE

27 Burger topper: ONION

28 Currently popular: HOT

29 Martini's partner in vermouth: ROSSI

31 "The Crying Game" actor Stephen: REA

32 Sign between Cancer and Virgo: LEO

33 Sunday bench: PEW

34 Birchbark mover: CANOEPADDLE

39 "That's amazing!": WOW

40 Wyo. neighbor: IDA

41 Musician's deg.: MFA

44 Big strings in the orchestra: CELLI

47 TV's Arthur: BEA

48 "24" superagent Jack: BAUER

50 Half a patriotic cheer: USA

51 Underground violent-weather refuge: STORMCELLAR

54 Garb for the slopes: SKIWEAR

56 "__ Fideles": Christmas carol: ADESTE

57 Bits of extra information ... and a hint to this puzzle's circles: SIDELIGHTS

60 Aptly named pope: PIUS

61 Chihuahua lady friend: AMIGA

62 Conception: IDEA

63 Coastal city: PORT

64 So far: TONOW

65 Brewpub pours: ALES

66 Snack machine inserts: ONES


1 Focuses on, as a goal: AIMSFOR

2 Nutty confection: PRALINE

3 Many a soap opera character, after a blow to the head: AMNESIAC

4 Lookout's cry: LANDHO

5 Awake and about: RISEN

6 Virginia __: HAM

7 Expressive rock genre: EMO

8 Invite to a movie, perhaps: ASKOUT

9 Offered in payment: TENDERED

10 Sitar music: RAGA

11 Texas A&M team: AGGIES

12 Plops (down): PLUNKS

13 Martial arts instructor: SENSEI

19 Like some outlet store mdse.: IRR

21 Bombay Sapphire, e.g.: GIN

24 Clarified butter: GHEE

25 More eccentric: LOOPIER

30 Big-eyed bird: OWL

32 Feeling blue: LOW

33 High-tech appt. book: PDA

35 Hole-making tool: AWL

36 Legal deterrent to loud neighbors: NOISELAW

37 Podcast comic Carolla: ADAM

38 Liquid-in-liquid suspension: EMULSION

42 Main movie: FEATURE

43 Puts the cuffs on: ARRESTS

44 Verbally abuse, informally: CUSSAT

45 __ Pie: ice cream treat: ESKIMO

46 Stocked for future use: LAIDIN

47 Noble Italian house that produced two popes: BORGIA

48 Sleeping spot: BED

49 Embattled Syrian city: ALEPPO

52 Mai __: TAI

53 Spanish homes: CASAS

55 "And away __!": WEGO

58 Good cholesterol, for short: HDL

59 Three-way intersection: TEE

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