LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 3 January 2019

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Los Angeles Times 3 January 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 3 January 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Save for later: LAYASIDE

9 Place to doodle: MARGIN

15 Smooth talker: OPERATOR

16 1969 World Series competitor: ORIOLE

17 Watchmakers never retire, they just __: WINDDOWN

18 Elite area of the pop charts: TOPTEN

19 Passionate about: INTO

20 Musicians never retire, they just __: DECOMPOSE

22 Beetle-shaped artifact: SCARAB

25 Grad school grillings: ORALS

26 FDA overseer: HHS

27 Urban network: ROADS

30 First name in architecture: EERO

33 Prime letters? USDA

34 Acclimate gradually: EASEIN

36 One not seen on "MTV Unplugged": AMP

39 Beekeepers never retire, they just __: BUZZOFF

41 Anonymous surname: DOE

42 Pal: PAISAN

44 Polish language: EDIT

45 Actress Collette of "United States of Tara": TONI

46 "Chasing Pavements" singer: ADELE

47 Some mil. hospitals: VAS

50 Spew out: EGEST

53 White weasel: ERMINE

55 Tree surgeons never retire, they just __: BRANCHOUT

59 State categorically: AVER

60 Ides of March word: BEWARE

61 Teachers never retire, they just __: MARKTIME

64 Roughly three nautical miles: LEAGUE

65 Often-fried tropical fruit: PLANTAIN

66 Least candid: SLYEST

67 It may be diagrammed: SENTENCE


1 On the paltry side, as an offer: LOWISH

2 Between-finger-and-thumb quantity: APINCH

3 They mind your own business: YENTAS

4 Fervor: ARDOR

5 Glum: SAD

6 "What was __ do?": ITO

7 Columnist Maureen: DOWD

8 Marine eagle: ERNE

9 Hustle: MOTOR

10 Kitchen magnet? AROMA

11 Gentle waves: RIPPLES

12 Farmers never retire, they just __: GOTOSEED

13 Dots in la mer: ILES

14 Aloha State bird: NENE

21 Prefix with play: COS

23 Oranjestad's island: ARUBA

24 Petty officer: BOSUN

28 Woodworking tool: ADZ

29 Out of it: DAZED

31 __ Grande: RIO

32 Only partner? ONE

34 System used for many returns: EFILE

35 Word with dark or hours: AFTER

36 Suitable: APT

37 1972 host to Nixon: MAO

38 Lumberjacks never retire, they just __: PINEAWAY

40 Horatian creation: ODE

43 Billboards and posters: SIGNAGE

46 From __ Z: ATO

47 Vance of "I Love Lucy": VIVIAN

48 Lackluster: ANEMIC

49 Calm: SERENE

51 Stocking shades: ECRUS

52 It may be fitted: SHEET

54 Finish choice: MATTE

55 OPEC units: BBLS

56 Lively country dance: REEL

57 Decides what's fair, among other things: UMPS

58 Tall __: TALE

62 Got on the ballot: RAN

63 Round Table VIP: KNT

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