LA Times Crossword answers Monday 3 January 2022

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Los Angeles Times 3 January 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 3 January 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Negative attention from the press, briefly: BADPR

6 Protrudes: JUTS

10 Police dept. alerts: APBS

14 Pear variety: ANJOU

15 "I'll take care of that, boss": ONIT

16 Loughlin of "Full House": LORI

17 Boxer "Iron Mike": TYSON

18 Inventory methodology acronym: LIFO

19 Thick Japanese noodle: UDON

20 Addictive: HABITFORMING

23 Altar promise: IDO

26 U.S. Election Day: Abbr.: TUE

27 Dunkable treats: DONUTS

28 Arguing with a cat, say: BIGWASTEOFTIME

32 Intermittent pork offer from Mickey D's: MCRIB

33 Soothing cream additive: ALOE

34 Treated, as a patient: SEEN

35 Cop show shocker: TASER

37 Wolfgang Puck, e.g.: CHEF

41 Bottom of a loafer: SOLE

42 Chicago hub: OHARE

43 Lists of principles for political groups: PARTYPLATFORMS

48 Gets money for chips after the game, with "in": CASHES

49 Hamburger holder: BUN

50 How poker players may stand: PAT

51 Nuclear fission phrase, and a hint to each set of circles: SPLITTHEATOM

55 Rounded hammer part: PEEN

56 Horse's morsels: OATS

57 Encourages: URGES

61 Two-toned cookie: OREO

62 Solemn ceremony: RITE

63 Fancy watch brand: SEIKO

64 Recipe amts.: TSPS

65 Distinctive periods: ERAS

66 Narrowly defeated: EDGED


1 Lumber, in baseball: BAT

2 "__ port in a storm": ANY

3 Wedding reception VIPs: DJS

4 Christopher Robin's friend: POOH

5 Drink now, pay later: RUNATAB

6 Prison city near Chicago: JOLIET

7 Part of CPU: UNIT

8 Brief quarrel: TIFF

9 Represented: STOODFOR

10 Grads: ALUMNI

11 Speaker's place: PODIUM

12 Eyre's creator: BRONTE

13 Tells the cops everything: SINGS

21 Commuter's ride: BUS

22 By __: from memory: ROTE

23 Pioneering PCs: IBMS

24 Vegas cubes: DICE

25 Shrek, for one: OGRE

29 Take the title: WIN

30 Art studio stand: EASEL

31 Grand __ Opry: OLE

35 Kid's favorite shopping site: TOYSTORE

36 Matterhorn, e.g.: ALP

37 Comic Margaret: CHO

38 Heavenly strings: HARP

39 Bombeck of humor: ERMA

40 Word with gab or Oktober: FEST

41 Cancel, as an edit: STET

42 Pointless: OFNOUSE

43 Border guard's demand: PAPERS

44 Out for the night: ASLEEP

45 Safari herbivores: RHINOS

46 Humiliates: ABASES

47 Legendary boy king: TUT

48 100 smackers: CSPOT

52 Hippie musical: HAIR

53 "At Last" singer James: ETTA

54 "A horse is a horse" horse: MRED

58 Musician's booking: GIG

59 __ out: just manage: EKE

60 Grass in a roll: SOD

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