LA Times Crossword answers Friday 3 July 2020

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Los Angeles Times 3 July 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 3 July 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Abate: EBB

4 Brit. detective's rank: INSP

8 Gastropod associated with traditional mail: SNAIL

13 It may result in an RBI: DBL

14 Staircase post: NEWEL

16 Lead-in for jet or Tax: TURBO


20 Tiny fraction of a min.: NSEC

21 Gas pump choice: DIESEL

22 Witness: SEE

23 Cattle call? BOVINESUMMONS

26 Act part: SCENE

28 Piper's son of rhyme: TOM

29 Afflicted: ILL

30 Force oneself (on): IMPOSE

35 Gds.: MDSE


42 Lob: TOSS

43 Least strict: LAXEST

44 Bread grain: RYE

45 Actress Thurman: UMA

47 "ÀC—mo est‡ __?": USTED


56 Lincoln, familiarly: ABE

57 Inventor Tesla: NIKOLA

58 Austen's aspiring matchmaker: EMMA


64 Online financial services pioneer: ELOAN

65 "Nature's soft nurse," to Shakespeare: SLEEP

66 "You're __ me": NOT

67 Wasp's assault: STING

68 Collections: SETS

69 MASH staff: DRS


1 Paradise: EDEN

2 Backyard parties, briefly: BBQS

3 Flowers named for their color: BLUEBELLS

4 Place to stay: INN

5 "Then live, Macduff; what __ fear of thee?": Macbeth: NEEDI

6 Suffix with boat or cox: SWAIN

7 Small bird with a small-sounding name: PEWEE

8 Sailor's guardian: STELMO

9 Cloistered female: NUN

10 Riposte to "Am not!": ARESO

11 "A Doll's House" dramatist: IBSEN

12 Doesn't prevail: LOSES

15 Highlands miss: LASS

18 Wikipedia's globe, say: ICON

19 News service since 1851: REUTERS

24 Blood carrier: VEIN

25 Campbell jingle letters: MMMM

26 Go (through) carefully: SIFT

27 Egyptian queen, familiarly: CLEO

31 Skin pigment: MELANIN

32 Spherical legume: PEA

33 Tic-tac-toe loser: OXX

34 Jeanne d'Arc, e.g.: Abbr.: STE

36 Lascivious mental state: DIRTYMIND

37 Ophthalmologist's concern: STYE

38 Looked at carefully: EYED

40 Has arisen: ISUP

41 Needle case: ETUI

46 One of the 3M Company's M's, originally: MINING

48 Editorial reconsideration word: STET

49 Absorbs nicotine smokelessly: VAPES

50 Letter-shaped fastener: UBOLT

51 "Vive __!": LEROI

52 Manages to attain, with "out": EKES

53 Briquettes: COALS

54 Edward who wrote "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?": ALBEE

55 Parking lot employee: VALET

59 Secure in a harbor: MOOR

60 Hill-building insects: ANTS

62 Soup holder: CAN

63 Increases: UPS

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