LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 3 June 2017

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Los Angeles Times 3 June 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 3 June 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Pine: ACHE

5 Educational: SCHOLASTIC

15 Lump: GLOB

16 Conforming phrase: WHENINROME

17 Not like in any way: HATE

18 Obsolescent book alternatives: AUDIOTAPES

19 Off the mark: ASTRAY

21 Like the title girl in a 2014 David Fincher film: GONE

22 Further south of the border? MAS

23 Before Phelps, he held the record for most golds in a single Olympics: SPITZ

24 Govt. leaders: SENS

25 1969 World Series MVP Clendenon: DONN

26 Rx amt.: TSP

27 QB's stat: ATT

29 Stumping sites: PODIA

30 Rouen Cathedral series painter: CLAUDEMONET

34 So-called "Nobel Prize of Mathematics": FIELDSMEDAL

35 Event for disabled athletes: PARALYMPICS

36 Fact and fiction and flora and fauna, e.g.: PAIRS

37 Part of a chorus line? TRA

38 Include covertly, briefly: BCC

41 Calvary inscription: INRI

42 Cabinet mem.: SECY

45 __ wind: SOLAR

47 Indian bread: NAN

48 Updike title character: BECH

49 View from Tokyo, on clear days: MTFUJI

50 "Is it safe to talk?": AREWEALONE

53 Tag line? FROM


55 First name in mystery: ERLE

56 Strong six-pack: ABSOFSTEEL

57 Bar array: RYES


1 Appalled: AGHAST

2 Necklace holders: CLASPS

3 Lead on a horse? HOTTIP

4 Pulitzer-winning film critic: EBERT

5 Clout: SWAY

6 Physics Nobelist Steven in Obama's Cabinet: CHU

7 Equivocate: HEDGE

8 Ring material: ONION

9 They have their pride: LIONS

10 Pay to play: ANTE

11 Title for 25-Down: Abbr.: SRA

12 Tyra Banks reality show, familiarly: TOPMODEL

13 "No joke!": IMEANIT

14 Wichita-based aviation company: CESSNA

20 Showy shrubs: AZALEAS

24 Burn the midnight oil: STUDY

25 Some European women: DONAS

28 Starbucks order: TALL

29 Online entertainment: PODCAST

30 Clouds from the Latin for "curls": CIRRI

31 Mil. decoration: DSM

32 Like some promises: EMPTY

33 Israel's Iron Lady: MEIR

34 Impartiality: FAIRNESS

35 For Mideast unity: PANARAB

36 Thing to bash at a bash: PINATA

38 Not sharp: BLURRY

39 Coax: CAJOLE

40 Thefts, e.g.: CRIMES

42 Coal sources: SEAMS

43 Bravura: ECLAT

44 Hold (back), as tears: CHOKE

46 Put forth: OFFER

48 Quarrel: BEEF

49 Crossword legend Reagle: MERL

51 GATT successor: WTO

52 Once called: NEE

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