LA Times Crossword answers Monday 3 June 2019

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Los Angeles Times 3 June 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 3 June 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Medium's board: OUIJA

6 Diner side dish with cabbage: SLAW

10 Wood-shaping tool: ADZE

14 "Bolero" composer Maurice: RAVEL

15 Like takeout food: TOGO

16 Flowery Hawaiian greetings: LEIS

17 One who shuns alcohol: TEETOTALER

19 European peaks: ALPS

20 Resembling a classic sheriff's badge: STARLIKE

22 Hoppy pub order, for short: IPA

23 Stroll in the shallows: WADE

26 Rent collector: LESSOR

27 Playfully shy: COY

28 "It's just __ manic Monday": the Bangles: ANOTHER

30 __Tax: tax prep software: TURBO

32 Days __: hotel chain: INN

33 Navy vessel letters: USS

34 Make it to midnight on New Year's Eve, say: STAYUP

36 Melodies: TUNES

38 Religious principle: TENET

40 Hanukkah pancakes: LATKES

43 Pixar specialty, for short: CGI

45 Golf ball perch: TEE

46 Canonized one: SAINT

47 Bow-and-arrow pros: ARCHERS

49 Beast with a beard: GNU

51 Empower: ENABLE

53 Formerly, old-style: ERST

54 Drummer's __ shot: RIM

55 17-Across' condition, always: SOBRIETY

57 Peak: ACME

59 Venomous European viper: BLACKADDER

63 Sigh of relief: PHEW

64 Kid's building block: LEGO

65 Egypt's capital: CAIRO

66 Response during attendance-taking: HERE

67 Physics work units: ERGS

68 Used a keyboard: TYPED


1 Scrap of food: ORT

2 Dubai's fed.: UAE

3 "__ been had!": IVE

4 Globetrotting group: JETSET

5 Multitudes: ALOT

6 Creepy watchers: STARERS

7 Lounges around: LOLLS

8 Ones who discriminate against seniors: AGEISTS

9 Exercise routine: WORKOUT

10 Chicken __ king: ALA

11 Club sandwich pickup spot: DELICOUNTER

12 Nada: ZIPPO

13 A college applicant may have to write one: ESSAY

18 Accounts: TALES

21 Inconsistent: ERRATIC

23 Stand by: WAIT

24 Declare void: ANNUL

25 "The Queen of Disco": DONNASUMMER

29 "Siberian" dogs: HUSKIES

31 "Later": BYE

35 Equals on a jury: PEERS

37 Approx. landing hr.: ETA

39 Student's hurdle: TEST

41 Dignify: ENNOBLE

42 Less likely to tip over: STABLER

43 Colorful cats: CALICOS

44 Like the alphabet with alpha and beta: GREEK

48 Prime time? HEYDAY

49 Visual aid in a statistics text: GRAPH

50 Specialized market segment: NICHE

52 Fort __, NC: BRAGG

56 Social skill: TACT

58 Female sheep: EWE

60 Elegant dance floor move: DIP

61 Poetic "before": ERE

62 Curtain holder: ROD

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