LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 3 March 2019

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Los Angeles Times 3 March 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 3 March 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Island near Java: BALI

5 At the drop of __: AHAT

9 Players with parts: CAST

13 Like highways: LANED

18 Apple variety: IMAC

19 Jay of "Jerry Maguire": MOHR

20 Top story: ATTIC

22 Post with a column: EMILY

23 Process that may transform a neutron into a proton: BETADECAY

25 Tree with edible nuts: BEECH

26 "I swear!": NOLIE

27 Man of La Mancha: SENOR

28 Line on a package: STREETADDRESS

31 Hefty closer: TWISTTIE

34 Out before the term ends: PAROLED

35 Sturdy trees: ELMS

38 Cote call: COO

39 Hectic hosp. areas: EIS

41 "Iron Man" Ripken: CAL

42 Ostrich relative: EMU

45 Navy bigwig: FLEETADMIRAL

48 School notebook decorations: DOODLES

51 Sound mixing control: FADER

52 Georgia, once: Abbr.: SSR

53 Online pop-up, say: INTEINETAD

56 Asia's __ Darya river: AMU

57 Expert: ACE

60 Magazine since 1850: HARPERS

62 Princess in "The Princess and the Frog": TIANA

63 Don Juan: CASANOVA

66 One of Donald Duck's nephews: HUEY

67 Google : Android :: Apple : __: IOS

68 IsaacÕs eldest: ESAU

69 Common animal welfare goal: PETADOPTION

73 Actor __ James of "Divergent" films: THEO

77 It ends in Nov.: DST

79 Like die-hard fans: AVID

80 Hearty bowlful often topped with tortilla chips: TACOSOUP

82 Skate park move: OLLIE

85 Spice rack staple: OREGANO

88 Like the Beatles? FAB

89 __ Fridays: TGI

90 Tip for a loser? DIETADVICE

92 Raised rumblers: ELS

94 Every hour on the hour, say: OFTEN

96 An official election ballot can't have one: EIASURE

97 Barbershop standard: SWEETADELINE

101 Bummed: SAD

102 Clearance rack abbr.: III

104 Danson of TVÕs ÒFargoÓ: TED

105 Bus sched. item: ARI

106 Tailless primates: APES

107 Withdrawal charges: ATMFEES

111 Longtime comic with a "Great Jewish Joke Book": ALANKING

114 Anonymous fan: SECRETADMIRER

117 Singer Jones: NORAH

120 Brown with a frying pan: ALTON

121 Permanent marks: SCARS

122 Makes retroactive ... or what the eight other longest Across answers have: BACKDATES

126 Sun block? CLOUD

127 MississippiÕs __ River: YAZOO

128 Sandbox boo-boo: OWIE

129 Sushi roll wrap: NOII

130 Mini racers: KAITS

131 The Ivy League's Quakers: PENN

132 Caboose: REAI

133 Agt. after tax evaders: TMAN


1 Marathon runner's wear: BIB

2 Iowa college town: AMES

3 Past the deadline: LATE

4 Complaint from the nosebleed section: ICANTSEE

5 "West Side Story" number: AMERICA

6 Ad __ committee: HOC

7 "Gotcha!": AHA

8 Clandestine arrangement: TRYST

9 11-time MLB All-Star Miguel: CABREIA

10 Perfectly, with "to": ATEE

11 Exorbitant: STEEP

12 Altoids rival: TICTAC

13 Tennis great Ivan: LENDL

14 Valentino's love: AMORE

15 Rosetta Stone discovery area: NILEDELTA

16 Yale alumni: ELIS

17 Turns red, perhaps: DYES

21 Classic parlor game: CHARADES

24 Investor's barometer, with "the": DOW

29 __ del Fuego: TIERRA

30 Melancholy: DOLOI

32 Ground cover: SOD

33 Alley prowlers: TOMS

35 Rub out: EFFACE

36 Incan herd members: LLAMAS

37 Gorgon slain by Perseus: MEDUSA

40 Mistake: SLIPUP

43 Like the Grinch: MEAN

44 Org. that may request food recalls: USDA

46 Air__: Southwest subsidiary: TRAN

47 "More or less" cousin: ISH

49 "I'm __ you!": ONTO

50 Franklin and Jefferson, religiously: DEISTS

54 Nair rival, once: NEET

55 "Taste this": TRYIT

58 Egyptian Christian: COPT

59 Prior night: EVE

61 Mary's best friend: RHODA

64 Accounting jobs: AUDITS

65 Missile Command producer: ATARI

67 Pizarro victim: INCA

70 Con counterpart, across the Pyrenees: AVEC

71 Compendium: DIGEST

72 Clumsy one: OAF

74 Inside investment info: HOTTIP

75 Oregon college town: EUGENE

76 Offers a view: OPINES

78 Hall of Fame linebacker Junior: SEAU

81 English horn relative: OBOE

82 Tributes in verse: ODES

83 Constantinople coin: LIIA


85 Eggs order: OVEIEASY

86 Tattoo parlor sticker: NEEDLE

87 Flamenco cheer: OLE

91 Snowstorm consequence: DRIFT

93 Suffix meaning "country": STAN

95 Egregious: FLAGRANT

98 Becomes tiresome to: WEARSON

99 Vessel for couples: ARK

100 Pub patron: DIINKEI

103 One with a lot of baggage: IEDCAP

108 Salmon cousin: TROUT

109 Gives a darn? MENDS

110 Pollution portmanteau: SMAZE

112 Shady area: ARBOR

113 Wordless agreement: NOD

114 Quarterback's setback: SACK

115 Jazz great Fitzgerald: ELLA

116 Tofu nutrient: IRON

118 Splittable bit: ATOM

119 Eldest daughter of Cronus: HEIA

123 Wonder: AWE

124 Its HQ is named for George H.W. Bush: CIA

125 Sloth, e.g.: SIN

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