LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 3 March 2020

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Los Angeles Times 3 March 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 3 March 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Not very spicy: MILD

5 Time and again, to a bard: OFT

8 Stage surprise: ADLIB

13 More reasonable: SANER

14 Give in to jet lag: NAP

15 Far from posh: SEEDY

16 Steinway parts: PIANOKEYS

18 Whack, biblically: SMITE

19 Space-saving abbr.: ETC

20 Mayberry kid: OPIE

21 Bk. before Philippians: EPH

22 Cajun crustacean: CRAWDAD

24 Lowlifes: SLEAZES

28 Bell-shaped lily: SEGO

29 Hobbyist's blade: XACTOKNIFE

31 Laura of "Marriage Story": DERN

33 BMW competitor: AUDI

34 Merged comm. giant: GTE

35 "Are you serious?": NOKIDDING

39 Awareness-raising TV ad: PSA

42 Lose stamina: TIRE

43 A whole lot: GOBS

46 Cartoon character who is five apples tall: HELLOKITTY

50 Chase scene maneuvers, slangily: UEYS

52 Some bottled waters: DASANIS

53 Most tidy: NEATEST

55 Arcing shot: LOB

56 Fleshy facial feature: JOWL

57 Student advocacy org.: PTA

58 Off-the-cushion pool shot: CAROM

60 Receives a go-ahead ... and a hint to what's hidden in 16-, 29-, 35- and 46-Across: GETSTHEOK

62 Render weaponless: UNARM

63 Maiden name lead-in: NEE

64 Country rocker Steve: EARLE

65 Jam-packed: DENSE

66 FedEx rival: UPS

67 React to yeast: RISE


1 Restaurant host: MAITRED

2 Like most pet birds: INACAGE

3 Writer Deighton: LEN

4 Dickens' "The Mystery of Edwin __": DROOD

5 Upstate New York lake: ONEIDA

6 Actress Dunaway: FAYE

7 Playfully pranks, for short: TPS

8 Stubborn equine: ASS

9 Cut down to size: DEMEAN

10 German city where Wagner was born: LEIPZIG

11 Crime after a data breach, perhaps: IDTHEFT

12 "See ya": BYE

13 Architectural details: SPECS

17 Title planet in a 2001 sci-fi film: KPAX

23 In need of patching: WORN

24 __ finder: carpenter's tool: STUD

25 Wine city near Sacramento: LODI

26 Just managing, with "out": EKING

27 Witness: SEE

30 Coast Guard Academy student: CADET

32 "__ your life!": NOTON

36 Dee who sang with Elton: KIKI

37 Spring flower: IRIS

38 Joint ailment: GOUT

39 Prof.'s degree: PHD

40 Maritime route: SEALANE

41 Concession speech deliverer: ALSORAN

44 Paging gadgets: BEEPERS

45 Ventricular contraction: SYSTOLE

47 Hercules' 12 challenges: LABORS

48 Low-risk govt. securities: TNOTES

49 Evergreens used for archery bows: YEWS

51 Buffy's weapon of choice: STAKE

54 Make changes to: ALTER

56 Wrangler maker: JEEP

58 Bovine chew: CUD

59 French Mrs.: MME

60 Oxlike antelope: GNU

61 Yokohama yes: HAI

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