LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 3 March 2022

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Los Angeles Times 3 March 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 3 March 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 *Common delivery: PACKAGE

8 *Bagel partner: SCHMEAR

15 Rank: ECHELON

16 West End attraction: THEATRE

17 Old racing vehicle: CHARIOT

18 Tell a tale: NARRATE

19 Sight from the Eiffel Tower: SEINE

20 Like the Tin Man, after meeting Dorothy: OILED

21 *Rolled Mexican dish: ENCHILADA

27 Tuba's flared end: BELL

30 Reduced, with "down": TONED

31 To whom the rhinoceros was "prepoceros": NASH

35 Natural resource: ORE

36 Made with skill: CRAFTED

38 Gp. in a 1955 labor merger: CIO

39 "Erin go __!": BRAGH

41 Grissom of NASA: GUS

42 High landform: RIDGE

44 *Skeet, e.g.: SHOOTINGMATCH

47 Steinbeck's Tom Joad, e.g.: OKIE

48 Sturdy trees: OAKS

49 Bring bad news to: SADDEN

52 Jumps back, say: REACTS

56 Pace: CLIP

57 *Object: THING

61 Type of drive on the Enterprise: WARP

62 Modify, as sails: RERIG

64 Singer DiFranco: ANI

65 Hawaii's Pineapple Island: LANAI

66 Put up or straight up: ERECT

67 Org. overseeing broadband: FCC

68 Moving: ASTIR

69 *Opera, literally: WORKS

70 With 71-Across and each answer to a starred clue, all of it: THE

71 See 70-Across: WHOLE


1 Bench press targets: PECS

2 Pine (for): ACHE

3 Trendy cupful: CHAI

4 Bit of succotash: KERNEL

5 Not from around here: ALIEN

6 Viscous stuff: GOO

7 MD treating rhinitis: ENT

8 RR stop: STN

9 When doubled, a dance: CHA

10 King from whom Mary and Joseph fled: HEROD

11 Contralto Anderson: MARIAN

12 List abbr. used as a substitute: ETAL

13 Prado contents: ARTE

14 Clarinet, for one: REED

22 WNBA position: CTR

23 Philly's signature sandwich: HOAGIE

24 Not at all serious: INFUN

25 "Don't dawdle, people!": LETSGO

26 Drink ending: ADE

27 Short cut: BOB

28 Isn't right: ERRS

29 Jacob's first wife: LEAH

32 Band with an electrical symbol in their logo: ACDC

33 [How unfortunate]: SIGH

34 Long-handled tool: HOE

36 Lose with a triple bogey, maybe: CHOKE

37 Critter on a Ring Dings box: DRAKE

40 "You chose wisely": GOODPICK

43 "No winners, no losers": ITSAWASH

45 Bit of color: TINT

46 Helgenberger of "CSI": MARG

49 Phillips __: SCREW

50 Old Olds: ALERO

51 More grim: DIRER

53 "The Divine Comedy" division: CANTO

54 Follow: TRAIL

55 Cross site, often: SPIRE

58 Axe part: HAFT

59 Foot part: INCH

60 "Well done!": NICE

63 Classic muscle cars: GTS

65 "The __ allows it, and the court awards it": "The Merchant of Venice": LAW

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