LA Times Crossword answers Monday 3 May 2021

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Los Angeles Times 3 May 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 3 May 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Quench, as thirst: SLAKE

6 Musical pause: REST

10 Osbourne of heavy metal: OZZY

14 Item sold in reams: PAPER

15 Nevada city: ELKO

16 London lavs: LOOS

17 *Dilapidated car: RUSTBUCKET

19 Cooked just right: DONE

20 __-Z: classic Camaro: IROC

21 Lively Irish dance: REEL

22 Discourage: DETER

23 Fuel-eating cars: GASHOGS

25 Listening organ: EAR

27 *Bowling alley's "start over" device: RESETBUTTON

33 Irregularly sharp-edged: JAGGED

37 Fiber source: ROUGHAGE

38 Man's name that's a green fruit spelled backwards: EMIL

39 Persistent noise: DIN

40 Assures, as a win: ICES

41 Personifies: EMBODIES

44 Butts, in slang: TUSHES

46 *Unscrupulous 19th-century tycoon: ROBBERBARON

48 Early Olds auto: REO

49 Very excited: AROUSED

54 Anglo-__: SAXON

58 Mark Harmon CBS series: NCIS

60 Bull or ram: MALE

61 Tree branch: LIMB

62 *High-fiber cereal with dried fruit: RAISINBRAN

64 Jai __: court game: ALAI

65 Late evening, informally: NITE

66 "Whooping" bird: CRANE

67 Attention-getting whisper: PSST

68 Bellicose Greek god: ARES

69 Ray Charles' genre, and a hint to the answers to starred clues: RANDB


1 Parsley or sage piece: SPRIG

2 With 42-Down, Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner in "Marriage Story": LAURA

3 Lhasa __: Tibetan dogs: APSOS

4 Two-masted vessel: KETCH

5 "Tarzan" creator's monogram: ERB

6 Students' play period: RECESS

7 Sommer of "A Shot in the Dark": ELKE

8 Bony-looking Halloween costume: SKELETON

9 Tyke on a trike: TOT

10 Word often seen before "shoppe": OLDE

11 __ suit: '40s apparel: ZOOT

12 The "Z" in ZIP Code: ZONE

13 Belgian river: YSER

18 More than suggested: URGED

22 The "D" in FDA: DRUG

24 Lode load: ORE

26 __ Dhabi: ABU

28 1974 pension plan legislation: ERISA

29 "What's __ about?": THIS

30 It measures rpm: TACH

31 Curved molding: OGEE

32 Monster's loch: NESS

33 Taunting cry: JEER

34 Rifle range rounds: AMMO

35 Bee Gees surname: GIBB

36 Lump of clay, say: GLOB

39 Sophisticated and charming: DEBONAIR

42 See 2-Down: DERN

43 Angry feeling: IRE

44 Body trunks: TORSI

45 Crazy Eights cousin: UNO

47 Poker strategies: RAISES

50 Planetary shadow: UMBRA

51 Cling wrap brand: SARAN

52 African antelope: ELAND

53 Huge star in Cygnus: DENEB

54 Open-handed hit: SLAP

55 Is hurting: AILS

56 Dec. 25: XMAS

57 Closing words? OBIT

59 Formally commend, as for bravery: CITE

62 Cellular messenger: RNA

63 ATM maker: NCR

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