LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 3 November 2021

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Los Angeles Times 3 November 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 3 November 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Site-hop, Webwise: SURF

5 Watched closely: EYED

9 Beetle relative: JETTA

14 "Small world": OHHI

15 Fish that ought to go well with a cobbler? SOLE

16 Paddled: OARED

17 Not at all biased: FAIR

18 Yeast-free loaf: QUICKBREAD

20 Au courant, with "in": TUNED

22 Common lunch hour: NOON

23 Instrument for Este Haim of the pop rock trio Haim: BASS

24 Opposite of a roast: GLOWINGTRIBUTE

27 "When They See Us" creator DuVernay: AVA

28 Become less brilliant, as colors: FADE

29 Fictional legal secretary: DELLASTREET

35 Org. impacted by the Real ID Act: DMV

38 "CHiPs" actor Estrada: ERIK

39 Kitten's cry: MEW

40 Place in an overhead bin, say: STOW

41 Not looking good: WAN

42 Three-horned dinosaur: TRICERATOPS

46 Self-__: CARE

48 Hoppy brew letters: IPA

49 Job for the police: LAWENFORCEMENT

56 DEA agent: NARC

57 Valley: DALE

58 Application of small drops: SPRAY

59 Overpowered ... or how the Across answers with circles might be described? OUTMUSCLED

62 Bends: ARCS

63 Surg. holding area: PREOP

64 Save for later, as a TV show: TIVO

65 Pacific salmon: COHO

66 Puts in the work for: EARNS

67 Appear: SEEM

68 Suffix with Jumbo: TRON


1 What Germany has that Greece doesn't? SOFTG

2 DIY mover: UHAUL

3 Mighty mammal with keratin horns: RHINO

4 Rite of passage involving hot embers: FIREWALK

5 Law firm abbr.: ESQ

6 Kits and cubs: YOUNG

7 "Silas Marner" author: ELIOT

8 Interior design: DECOR

9 Role: JOB

10 iPod accessory: EARBUD

11 Showed, as a good time: TREATEDTO

12 Rag on: TEASE

13 Puts into the mix: ADDS

19 Carver's tool: KNIFE

21 Soprano superstar: DIVA

25 Rapper Lil __ X: NAS

26 Upside-down sleeper: BAT

29 Dawn phenomenon: DEW

30 Slice of history: ERA

31 Author who wrote the Thongor fantasy series: LINCARTER

32 "That's enough!": TMI

33 Word with hall or room: REC

34 Woolly mama: EWE

36 Unruly head of hair: MOP

37 9-Across et al.: VWS

40 Short-lived 1765 legislation: STAMPACT

42 Amount past due? TRE

43 Tears to shreds: RENDS

44 Rocker Ocasek: RIC

45 Goodall subjects: APES

47 "You gotta be kidding!": AWCMON

49 Linney of "Ozark": LAURA

50 Indisputable evidence: FACTS

51 Skateboard leap: OLLIE

52 Christopher who played Superman: REEVE

53 Boot on a diamond: ERROR

54 Cheesy chip: NACHO

55 Cicely of "Roots": TYSON

56 "Ain't gonna happen": NOPE

60 Market advances: UPS

61 Bubbly title: DOM

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