LA Times Crossword answers Monday 3 October 2016

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Los Angeles Times 3 October 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 3 October 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Hospital IV amts.: CCS

4 Irrational fear sufferer's suffix: PHOBE

9 Texas city: WACO

13 Until now: YET

14 Specialized language: ARGOT

15 Dashing style: ELAN

16 Expose wrongdoing: BLOWTHEWHISTLE

19 Gymnast Korbut: OLGA

20 Choose by majority vote: ELECT

21 Wok cook's flavoring: MSG

23 Attacked by surprise: RAIDED

26 Baseball card stat: RBI

27 Day, in Durango: DIA

28 MBA hopeful's test: GRE

29 Take a break: REST

32 Lead singer's part: MELODY

34 "No need to explain the joke": IGETIT

36 Is obliged to pay: OWES

37 With the breeze at your back, in sailing: BEFORETHEWIND

41 Creative fields: ARTS

42 Feathers: PLUMES

43 Hot chocolate drinks: COCOAS

46 Actor Morales: ESAI

47 Braz. neighbor: ARG

50 Astounded state: AWE

51 What it takes to tango: TWO

53 Maple syrup rating: GRADEA

55 Bank acct. earnings: INT

56 Peddler's merchandise: WARES

59 Like "Supergirl," ratings-wise: TVPG

60 Where the driver sits: BEHINDTHEWHEEL

64 Decimated Asian sea: ARAL

65 Budget prefix: ECONO

66 Genetics lab subj.: RNA

67 Audacity: GALL

68 __ Island: RHODE

69 Incidentally, in texting ... and a hint to three long puzzle answers: BTW


1 RoboCop is one: CYBORG

2 Wine storage area: CELLAR

3 Inferior cigar: STOGIE

4 Compliment "on the back": PAT

5 Princely letters: HRH

6 S-shaped molding: OGEE

7 Soup serving: BOWL

8 Out-of-use anesthetic: ETHER

9 White terrier, familiarly: WESTIE

10 Ctrl-__-Del: PC reboot combo: ALT

11 "You're getting too excited": CALMDOWN

12 Like a 45-10 football game: ONESIDED

17 Roll of bills: WAD

18 Long-range nuke: ICBM

22 Many pride parade participants: GAYS

24 Therefore: ERGO

25 Bucks and does: DEER

30 Instructions component: STEP

31 "Superman," e.g.: TITLE

33 Superman lover Lane: LOIS

34 "In that case ... ": IFSO

35 Consequently: THUS

37 Lunchbox alternative: BROWNBAG

38 And so forth: ETCETERA

39 Cyberzine: EMAG

40 Small dam: WEIR

41 Berry rich in antioxidants: ACAI

44 Whenever you want to: ATWILL

45 Ugly duckling, as we learn later: SWAN

47 "-ly" word, usually: ADVERB

48 Admonition to a sinner: REPENT

49 Act that suppresses free speech: GAGLAW

52 What an unruly courtroom lacks: ORDER

54 Part of NCAA: Abbr.: ATH

57 Carve in stone: ETCH

58 Chase off: SHOO

61 Evil film computer: HAL

62 Last in a sequence: END

63 "__ is me!": WOE

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