LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 3 October 2017

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Los Angeles Times 3 October 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 3 October 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Carpet thickness: PILE

5 Crowbar, basically: LEVER

10 Vanishing ski lift: TBAR

14 Preemptive rescue op: EVAC

15 Wear down: ERODE

16 MasterCard rival: VISA

17 *Boot camp newbie: RAWRECRUIT

19 Not fer: AGIN

20 Slap in the face: INSULT

21 Play the hand you were dealt: STANDPAT

23 Smooth engine sound: HUM

25 __-Locka, Florida: OPA

26 Aetna's bus.: INS

27 Michelin product: CARTIRE

31 Ancient vase in a museum, say: RELIC

33 Fuel-efficient Chevy: AVEO

34 Physics work unit: ERG

36 Starts the kitty: ANTES

39 Truth stretcher: LIAR

40 Nebula Award genre: SCIFI

43 Undiluted: PURE

44 Untrue: FALSE

46 Acquired: GOT

47 __ Minor: Little Bear: URSA

48 Chinese menu promise: NOMSG

51 Company co-founded by J.P. Morgan: USSTEEL

53 "The Simpsons" disco guy: STU

55 Sport-__: 4 x 4: UTE

56 90 deg. at the North Pole, e.g.: LAT

57 Overly long and generally unproductive activity: TIMESINK

60 One of Santa's reindeer: DASHER

65 "SOS" pop group: ABBA

66 *Defensible alibi: GOODEXCUSE

68 Baked desserts: PIES

69 Latest craze: MANIA

70 Ointment additive: ALOE

71 Tortoise racer: HARE

72 Spiritual guardian: ANGEL

73 Identity hider: MASK


1 Prefix with scope: PERI

2 Hall of Fame catcher Rodriguez: IVAN

3 Newton's motion trio: LAWS

4 Color of raw silk: ECRU

5 Professors' talks: LECTURES

6 Boot the ball: ERR

7 "Parlez-__ fran├žais?": VOUS

8 Manuscript fixer: EDITOR

9 Make another recording of: RETAPE

10 Promo on the tube: TVAD

11 *Grand scheme of things: BIGPICTURE

12 From China, say: ASIAN

13 Tirades: RANTS

18 Pre-college, briefly: ELHI

22 Simba's playmate: NALA

24 Defunct Ford division, for short: MERC

27 Baby whale: CALF

28 Sports shoe brand: AVIA

29 *It may be rational, in math: REALNUMBER

30 Sculptor's subject: TORSO

32 Data to be processed: INPUT

35 Band tour booking: GIG

37 Highland tongue: ERSE

38 Close tightly: SEAL

41 Basketball transgression: FOUL

42 "Agreed!" ... and what can be said about the start of the answers to starred clues: ITSADEAL

45 Grounded Aussie birds: EMUS

49 Mark of disgrace: STIGMA

50 Columbus, by birth: GENOAN

52 Lay's chips-in-a-can brand: STAX

53 Dangerous bacterium: STAPH

54 Knee-to-ankle bone: TIBIA

58 Lessen, as pain: EASE

59 Skull Island ape: KONG

61 Rip-off: SCAM

62 Island dance: HULA

63 Those, in Mexico: ESOS

64 Cause serious nose-wrinkling: REEK

67 Stop working, as an engine: DIE

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