LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 3 September 2020

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Los Angeles Times 3 September 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 3 September 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Starbucks rival owned by a fast-food chain: MCCAFE

7 Josh of "Frozen": GAD

10 Spots for toddlers: LAPS

14 Automatic reaction: REFLEX

15 Reproductive cells: OVA

16 Cookie shaped like two of its letters: OREO

17 Welcome words to a dishwasher: ILLDRY

18 Moving wheels: VAN

19 *Wizard revealer: TOTO

20 Classic 1779 hymn: AMAZINGGRACE

23 Rock's __ Fighters: FOO

26 Lassitude: INERTIA

27 Dale's guy: ROY

28 *Electrically flexible: ACDC

30 "The Jungle Book" python: KAA

31 Flight safety org.: TSA

33 "The Thin Man" author Hammett: DASHIELL

35 20 fins: CNOTE

39 Plaza Hotel girl: ELOISE

40 *Aerie nesters: EAGLES

41 Red-and-white suit wearer: SANTA

42 Proofer's find: MISPRINT

44 "Sammy the Seal" writer Hoff: SYD

46 World games org.: IOC

47 Coupling device: YOKE

48 Big club: ACE

51 Weeks in Oaxaca: SEMANAS

54 Old atlas abbr.: SSR

55 1973 triple-platinum album by Wings ... and what each of three answers to starred clues is, literally: BANDONTHERUN

58 __ one's time: BIDE

59 Tijuana aunt: TIA

60 Titans: GIANTS

64 Bow-toting god: EROS


66 Home of the Senators: OTTAWA

67 Center of N.Y.C.? YORK

68 Escape: LAM

69 Disc golf starting point: TEEPAD


1 Hosp. test in a tube: MRI

2 Hanna-Barbera collectible: CEL

3 Montreal Alouettes' org.: CFL

4 "The Aviator" (2004) Oscar nominee: ALDA

5 Manhattan Project physicist born in Rome: FERMI

6 Derek Jeter, e.g.: EXYANKEE

7 Spread quickly online: GOVIRAL

8 __-garde: AVANT

9 "Blast!": DANGIT

10 Middle-earth trilogy, to fans: LOTR

11 Cheering loudly: AROAR

12 Retailer offering sitting and walking services: PETCO

13 Farm call: SOOEY

21 Enthusiasm: ZEAL

22 Tank top: GASCAP

23 Dims: FADES

24 City near Orlando: OCALA

25 Eats way too much of, briefly: ODSON

29 Debt vouchers: CHITS

32 Sore: ANGRY

34 Parental "explanation": ISAYSO

36 Mishmashes: OLIOS

37 Some charity runs, informally: TENKS

38 Aromatic compound: ESTER

40 Gastropod on a brasserie menu: ESCARGOT

42 2007 National Soccer Hall of Fame inductee: MIAHAMM

43 "Say Anything..." actress Skye: IONE

45 Insurance that covers canines: DENTAL

48 Westminster attraction: ABBEY

49 City near the Heliopolis Palace: CAIRO

50 Home of the Ewoks: ENDOR

52 Crete's highest pt.: MTIDA

53 Posh hotel option: SUITE

56 Newsroom post: DESK

57 "Mom" actor Corddry: NATE

61 Snooze: NAP

62 Former flier: TWA

63 Like one texting ":-(": SAD

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