LA Times Crossword answers Friday 3 September 2021

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Los Angeles Times 3 September 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 3 September 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Wind instrument's flared end: BELL

5 Asian noodle: UDON

9 "As if!": PSHAW

14 Smoothie ingredient: ACAI

15 Endangered Pacific bird: NENE

16 Big name in games: ATARI

17 You might take a day trip on one: WHIM

18 Suffragist Carrie Chapman __: CATT

19 Evening course for many college students: RAMEN

20 2013 Mark Wahlberg war film: LONESURVIVOR

23 Comb: SIFT

24 NBA player since 2013: PELICAN

28 Warning on some serving containers: NOTFOROVENUSE

30 Previously owned: HAD

31 Great Plains tribe: OTOE

32 Homeland Security org.: TSA

33 Passed unremarkably: GOTAC

35 Info on rap sheets: MOS

36 Not hiding much: SHEER

38 Prefix with -logue: EPI

39 Minimal, with "of": ABIT

41 Proposal amt.: EST

42 1960 Melina Mercouri rom-com: NEVERONSUNDAY

47 Long Island university: ADELPHI

48 Coat for Santa? SOOT

49 Epitome of anxiety ... or what's hidden in three puzzle answers? NERVOUSWRECK

54 Bishop in "Alien" films, for short: DROID

57 PokĊ½mon species whose final form is Alakazam: ABRA

58 "Fancy seeing you here!": OHHI

59 "TODAY with Hoda & __": JENNA

60 Winter air? NOEL

61 Slinky, e.g.: COIL

62 With "over," request for room: SCOOT

63 Spanish muralist: SERT

64 Skater Michelle: KWAN


1 Cry out loud: BAWL

2 Call back? ECHO

3 Stretched out: LAIN

4 Citrus soft drink: LIMESODA

5 Free from shackles: UNCUFF

6 Treasured by: DEARTO

7 Airing: ONTV

8 Sinus-clearing aids: NETIPOTS

9 Some former inmates: PAROLEES

10 Lead the cast of: STARIN

11 Omelet choice: HAM

12 "__ you serious?": ARE

13 Succeed: WIN

21 Command before "Stay," maybe: SIT

22 Video hosting service with a big YouTube presence: VEVO

25 Too adorable: CUTESY

26 It's a plus: ASSET

27 Approaching: NEAR

28 __ lands: NATIVE

29 Turnips, say: ROOTS

30 Was optimistic: HOPED

33 Actress Rowlands: GENA

34 Complained about: CARPEDAT

35 Common sights at kids' soccer games: MINIVANS

37 Pet lizard's basking spot: HEATROCK

40 Nobelist Niels: BOHR

43 Weather-affecting current: ELNINO

44 Kind of shark: USURER

45 Margarita order: NOSALT

46 Notable index, with "the": DOW

50 It's found among the reeds: OBOE

51 Site for DIYers: EHOW

52 Trendy smoothie seed: CHIA

53 Pottery basic: KILN

54 Supplies the tunes, briefly: DJS

55 "Parks and __": REC

56 Artist Yoko: ONO

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