LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 30 April 2017

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Los Angeles Times 30 April 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 30 April 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Word heard in Bedrock: YABBA

6 West Point letters: USMA

10 Dark horses: BAYS

14 Sam seen in bars: ADAMS

19 Scott who wrote “Island of the Blue Dolphins”: ODELL

20 A golf green may be shaped like one: PEAR

21 Face cream additive: ALOE

22 Paganini's birthplace: GENOA

23 *What it often is on a summer day: HOTOUTSIDE

25 Rodeo goad: SPUR

26 Bother a lot: EATAT

27 WWII spy gp.: OSS

28 Big mouths: MAWS

29 Tampico trio: TRES

31 Mask wearers: BANDITS

33 Salem-to-Portland dir.: NNE

34 Chihuahua or Maltese, in dog shows: TOY

35 Slangy sib: SISTA

36 *One-to-one conversation: PRIVATEPHONECHAT

43 Texter's "Just a thought ... ": IMHO

47 Candy aisle choice: ROLO

48 Kid in a '60s sitcom: OPIE

49 K-12, in brief: ELHI

50 Its flag features a six-pointed star: ISRAEL

52 Scale starting words: ONETO

54 911 responder: EMT

56 Barbecue supply: BUNS

58 Functional: UTILE

59 *Scuba divers' bash: UNDERWATERPARTY

63 "Wayward __": Shyamalan TV series: PINES

64 Salon supply: DYE

65 Ancient region of Asia Minor: GALATIA

66 Longship crew: NORSEMEN

68 Half a track? RAIL

69 London’s “Ye Olde Mitre,” e.g.: PUB

71 “The Way __”: 2007 Timbaland hit: IARE

72 Loud speakers: STENTORS

76 Travelocity enticement: LOWFARE

79 Pooh, to Roo: PAL

82 Broadway restaurant founder: SARDI

83 *Highly sought-after charter captain: TOPFISHINGGUIDE

86 Office holders? CLIPS

87 Gilbert who created TV’s “The T alk”: SARA

88 The Silver St.: NEV

89 Graphic start: ORTHO

90 Warns: ALERTS

92 Frees: RIDS

94 They catch a lot of shrimp: NETS

97 Continue: GOON

98 Sitcom pioneer, familiarly: DESI

99 *Iconic suburban symbol: WHITEPICKETFENCE

103 Word with link or letter: CHAIN

105 French article: UNE

106 Damage: MAR

107 Haunted house sounds: SCREAMS

110 Lacking: SANS

112 Eye opener? OPTI

113 Improve, in some cases: AGE

116 Cutie: TOOTS

117 Chop __: SUEY

119 Feature of haiku, and of the answers to starred clues: THREELINES

122 Charged: RANAT

123 Sport with double touches: EPEE

124 Slices of history: ERAS

125 Minnesota’s “10,000”: LAKES

126 Play area: STAGE

127 Cold War initials: SSRS

128 Hide from an animal: PELT

129 Treacherous type: SNAKE


1 Pirate’s syllables: YOHO

2 They're often about nothing: ADOS

3 Adds to the pool: BETS

4 Rain-__ bubble gum: BLO

5 Smith grad: ALUMNA

6 High hairdo: UPSWEEP

7 José's half-dozen: SEIS

8 Satiric magazine founded in 1952: MAD

9 Kid-to-kid retort: ARETOO

10 Military setting: BASE

11 Hurdle for Hannibal: ALPS

12 Mirror image? YOU

13 Homeland of tennis star Novak Djokovic: SERBIA

14 “The X-Files” extra: AGENT

15 *Awkward TV silence: DEADAIRTIME

16 Protester: ANTI

17 Defensive ditch: MOAT

18 H.S. hurdles: SATS

24 Ma non __: not too much, in music: TANTO

30 Cub great Sandberg: RYNE

32 Bubbly source: ASTI

34 Lincoln Center attraction, familiarly: THEMET

35 Eastern faith: SHINTO

36 Word in a Marines slogan: PROUD

37 48-Across player: RONNY

38 __-France: ILEDE

39 Register a preference: VOTE

40 St. Peter's Basilica sight: PIETA

41 Exile isle: ELBA

42 Make, as butter: CHURN

44 Katahdin is its highest peak: MAINE

45 Beatrix Potter's real first name: HELEN

46 Cries after fœtbol goals: OLES

51 Freudian conscience: SUPEREGO

53 Player in a loft: ORGANIST

55 Vacation choice: TRIP

57 Aleppo native: SYRIAN

60 Reservations can help avoid one: WAIT

61 Apportions: ALLOTS

62 Eighth-century pope: PAULI

67 Puppeteer Tony: SARG

68 *Sale indicator: REDPRICETAG

70 Cap'n's aide: BOSN

72 Room at the Louvre: SALLE

73 Doesn't give up: TRIES

74 Enter noisily: ROARIN

75 Nautical pole: SPRIT

77 Word of origin: WHENCE

78 Marathon practice run: FIVEK

79 Spike for Hillary: PITON

80 Like some focus groups: ADHOC

81 Freetown currency: LEONE

82 Slew: SCAD

84 Grow pale: FADE

85 Push: URGE

91 Did a few laps: SWAM

93 Made on a wheel: SPUN

95 Play set on an island, with “The”: TEMPEST

96 Cabinet department: STATE

100 Greets the villain: HISSES

101 Conforming: INSTEP

102 Elegant trimmings: FRILLS

104 Speed: HASTE

107 Orch. section: STRS

108 Primer layer: COAT

109 Novelist Jaffe: RONA

110 Psychic: SEER

111 Motion carriers: AYES

112 Tough test: ORAL

113 Self-titled 1974 pop album: ANKA

114 Many a techie: GEEK

115 Latin being: ESSE

118 FedEx rival: UPS

120 Otto I’s realm: Abbr.: HRE

121 Knighted McKellen: IAN

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