LA Times Crossword answers Friday 30 April 2021

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Los Angeles Times 30 April 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 30 April 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "How cute!": AWW

4 Tree with catkins: ALDER

9 Gives for free: COMPS

14 Thai language: LAO

15 Reading from an ark: TORAH

16 Use: AVAIL

17 Hors d'oeuvre in the Arctic? FROSTBITE

19 LPGA star Korda: NELLY

20 Skywalker mentor: KENOBI

21 Others, in Oaxaca: OTRAS

22 Tempt: BAIT

24 Window treatment in the Arctic? SNOWBLIND

27 Jumpsuit: ONESIE

30 Crowd-__: PLEASER

31 Tournament pass: BYE

32 Treaty subject: PEACE

35 Vivacious: PERT

36 Brittle cookies in the Arctic? COLDSNAPS

39 Samoa's capital: APIA

42 Something numbered in groceries: AISLE

43 Maa, in the movie "Babe": EWE

46 Clue's function: HINTING

49 Arcade game gobbler: PACMAN

51 Linens in the Arctic? ICESHEETS

54 Actress Cheryl or Jordan: LADD

55 Words to live by: CREED

56 Bond preference? SHAKEN

59 "Aha!": GOTYA

60 Money for a rainy day in the Arctic? SLUSHFUND

63 More cunning: SLIER

64 Book before Joel: HOSEA

65 Singer's asset: EAR

66 Drink to: TOAST

67 Wharton's "__ Frome": ETHAN

68 Soap-making supply: LYE



2 1970 #1 hit with the line "What is it good for?": WAR

3 One of a "Star Wars" race with its own -pedia: WOOKIEE

4 Memo abbr.: ATTN

5 Western wolf: LOBO

6 Small amounts: DRIBS

7 Like some kitchens: EATIN

8 MLB scoreboard letters: RHE

9 "Not possible": CANTBE

10 Isn't discrete: OVERLAPS

11 Listlessness: MALAISE

12 Hoppy lager: PILSNER

13 Wily: SLY

18 Tennis units: SETS

21 Hogwarts mail carrier: OWL

22 Short cut: BOB

23 "__ thoughts?": ANY

25 Is the first act: OPENS

26 2000 Gere title role: DRT

28 2019 Uber landmark, briefly: IPO

29 Fish in unadon: EEL

33 Words of wisdom: ADAGE

34 CBS forensic series: CSI

36 Reflective gemstones: CATSEYES

37 Swiss peak: ALP

38 Kind of green: PEA

39 Yellowfin tuna: AHI

40 Highest-pitched woodwind: PICCOLO

41 Resistance to change: INERTIA

43 Obama's first chief of staff: EMANUEL

44 Walletful: WAD

45 Put the kibosh on: END

47 Common start of a bumper sticker slogan: IHEART

48 Outlaw Kelly: NED

50 Staff leader? CLEF

52 Letter-shaped opening: TSLOT

53 Silence: SHUSH

57 Voyaging: ASEA

58 Top medieval Tatar: KHAN

59 Clock-setting std.: GST

60 Pop duo __ & Him: SHE

61 Thumbs-down: NAY

62 Hip-hop Dr.: DRE

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