LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 30 April 2022

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Los Angeles Times 30 April 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 30 April 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Connected: PLUGGEDIN

10 "All good here!": IMSET

15 Order of magnitude? SUPERSIZE

16 Not touch: LETBE

17 Paleolithic innovation: STONETOOL

18 Turning points? KNOBS

19 British pound note featuring Jane Austen: TEN

20 Horn in: MEDDLE

22 Jettison: TOSS

23 Take off: FLEE

24 __ shape: INBAD

26 Hardly rosy: GRIM

27 "Broaden your horizons!": GETALIFE

30 Bank security: LIEN

31 Self-evident pick: NOBRAINER

32 Top pick: FAVE

33 Big name in Early American art: PEALE

34 Emmy winner Helgenberger: MARG

35 Drunkenness: INEBRIETY

37 Cut off: SAWN

38 Backs: REARENDS

39 Herb used in some Indigenous smudging rituals: SAGE

40 Life styles? BIOTA

41 Personal matter? GENE

42 Parking space: SPOT

44 Fortified, with "up": SHORED

46 Cool amount? MIL

49 Sierra __: LEONE

51 Smell-O-Vision rival: AROMARAMA

53 Source of intelligence: ASSET

54 Summary of top headlines: NEWSRECAP

55 Prankster's declaration: GOTYA

56 Mail order? DONOTBEND


1 Start of a library conversation, maybe: PSST

2 Gentileschi's "Self-Portrait as a __ Player": LUTE

3 Just after: UPON

4 Mil. title: GEN

5 Troublemaker: GREMLIN

6 Prize: ESTEEM

7 LED component: DIODE

8 Hilfiger rival: IZOD

9 Pen name of journalist Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman: NELLIEBLY

10 Sort: ILK

11 Element of some meditation exercises: MENTALIMAGE

12 Admired with quiet reverence, with "of": STOODINAWE

13 Goes back out: EBBS

14 Crossword editor Harper in Hallmark's "Crossword Mysteries" series: TESS

21 __ nous: ENTRE

23 Hashtag that went viral during a pop star's legal battle: FREEBRITNEY

25 Ewe said it: BAA

26 Elevate: GIVEABOOST

27 Kids on a farm: GOATS

28 Plant that sparked the Victorian craze "pteridomania": FERN

29 Indoor rower, for short: ERG

30 "Smallville" role for Durance: LANE

31 "You okay there?": NEEDAHAND

32 Cone source: FIR

33 Pub trayful: PINTS

36 Classic car: REO

37 Coastal formations? SANDART

39 Appear to be: SEEMSO

41 Cultivated: GROWN

42 Refinery waste: SLAG

43 Cuban bar tender: PESO

45 Little dipper? OREO

46 Nutmeg spice: MACE

47 Supermodel with a cosmetics line for women of color: IMAN

48 W. Coast force: LAPD

50 "When will u b here?": ETA

52 Hoops stat: REB

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