LA Times Crossword answers Monday 30 December 2019

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Los Angeles Times 30 December 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 30 December 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Beloved British princess: DIANA

6 Clothing designer Perry: ELLIS

11 Lakers rivals, on NBA scoreboards: LAC

14 Improvise: ADLIB

15 Coolness under pressure: POISE

16 Every bit (of): ALL

17 *Baseball batting statistic measured in degrees: LAUNCHANGLE

19 In addition: TOO

20 Arizona city or landform: MESA

21 Cucumbers used as pickles: GHERKINS

23 Peyton's quarterback brother: ELI

25 Cooking need: HEAT

27 10-Down may have a sixth one: SENSE

28 *Common food thickening agent: XANTHANGUM

32 Beet or ginger: ROOT

33 Accustom (to), as hardship: INURE

34 Best songs countdown list: TOPTEN

36 Soy sauce often gluten-free: TAMARI

38 Actress __ Brie of "Mad Men": ALISON

42 Inlaid artwork: MOSAIC

46 Emcee's opening: INTRO

47 Crescent point: CUSP

50 *High-ranking heavenly beings: ARCHANGELS

52 Dad's brother: UNCLE

54 Appear to be: SEEM

55 Corned beef on __: RYE

56 Fragrant climbing plant: SWEETPEA

58 Make, as money: EARN

61 Altoids container: TIN

62 "Don't give up yet!" ... or a hint to the answers to starred clues: HANGINTHERE

66 Number of U.S. states with three-word capitals: ONE

67 Fibber's admission: ILIED

68 Fable writer: AESOP

69 Rx writers: MDS

70 In the ballpark: CLOSE

71 Calendar entries: DATES


1 Indian lentil dish: DAL

2 Boise's st.: IDA

3 Foil metal: ALUMINUM

4 Yellow-striped pool ball: NINE

5 Basics: ABCS

6 MPG-testing org.: EPA

7 In olden times: LONGAGO

8 Start to shine: LIGHTUP

9 Capri or Wight: ISLE

10 See 27-Across: SEERS

11 Guy watching Telemundo, probably: LATINO

12 Pete of the N.Y. Mets who broke Aaron Judge's rookie record for home runs in 2019: ALONSO

13 Room for a broom: CLOSET

18 "Verrrry funny": HAHA

22 Letterspacing technique, in typography: KERNING

23 Highway off-ramp: EXIT

24 Singer Del Rey: LANA

26 Tolkien creature: ENT

29 Stomp all over: TRAMPLE

30 Protagonist: HERO

31 L.A. commuter org.: MTA

35 Tiger's ex-wife: ELIN

37 "Love __ Battlefield": Pat Benatar hit: ISA

39 Most harsh: STERNEST

40 Paris airport: ORLY

41 Smell detector: NOSE

43 Hall of talk TV: ARSENIO

44 Frozen periods: ICEAGES

45 Guerrilla Guevara: CHE

47 Made-to-order: CUSTOM

48 Chillax: UNWIND

49 Movie takes: SCENES

51 Congregation response: AMEN

53 Moral standard: ETHIC

57 Gloomy aura: PALL

59 Somewhat: ATAD

60 Flightless South American bird: RHEA

63 Suffix with fluor-: IDE

64 __ v. Wade: ROE

65 Short albums, for short: EPS

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