LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 30 December 2020

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Los Angeles Times 30 December 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 30 December 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Invents, as a word: COINS

6 Laugh-a-minute sort: RIOT

10 Lucas of "Raising Hope": NEFF

14 Bandleader's exhortation: HITIT

15 Egyptian life symbol: ANKH

16 Pest on a pooch: FLEA

17 Red-tide contents: ALGAE

18 Academy attended by James T. Kirk: STARFLEET

20 Shape, as clay: SCULPT

22 Mayberry lad: OPIE

23 Org. in much recent news: CDC

24 Artist with a record 32 American Music Awards: TAYLORSWIFT

26 "We'll let you know," on skeds: TBA

27 18-Across jr. officer: ENS

28 Threaded fastener: NUT

29 Claw into: TEARAT

31 Fire truck alert: SIREN

33 Tourette syndrome symptoms: TICS

34 Deeply hurt: CUTTOTHEQUICK

39 Brooklyn Coll. is part of it: CUNY

40 Double duty? STUNT

41 Convent leader: ABBESS

44 Shoelace, e.g.: TIE

45 NBA's Heat, on scoreboards: MIA

48 Inouye Airport arrival gift: LEI

49 Inviolable, as a rule: HARDANDFAST

53 Investment inits.: IRA

54 Common ointment ingredient: ALOE

55 Hall of Fame knuckleballer Phil: NIEKRO

56 With immediacy, or a hint to the four other longest puzzle answers: POSTHASTE

59 Step: TREAD

60 Worked in a garden: HOED

61 "Because You Loved Me" singer: DION

62 Battle zone journalist: EMBED

63 Criteria: Abbr.: STDS

64 Racy message: SEXT

65 Rotary phone features: DIALS


1 Unsullied: CHASTE

2 Prop for the Tin Man: OILCAN

3 Men working on a network, informally: ITGUYS

4 One Direction's "cute one" __ Horan: NIALL

5 "C'mon, we're in a hurry!": STEPONIT

6 Late-summer orientation mtg. holders: RAS

7 Like many trailers: INTOW

8 Giraffe relative: OKAPI

9 Frugality: THRIFT

10 Patriots' org.: NFL

11 Exciting, as an atmosphere: ELECTRIC

12 Survey info: FEEDBACK

13 Big shots with big balances: FATCATS

19 Honor in a big way: FETE

21 Town near Provincetown: TRURO

25 Editorial "let it stand": STET

30 Feuding: ATIT

31 Eyelid ailment: STYE

32 Smart students' org.: NHS

34 Two, to eight, e.g.: CUBEROOT

35 Impartial: UNBIASED

36 Sundance's sweetie: ETTA

37 "Glee" cheerleader: QUINN

38 Not yet corrected for publication: UNEDITED

39 Islamic leaders: CALIPHS

42 1979 exile: SHAH

43 Soup followers: SALADS

45 Folk singer Miriam known as "Mama Africa": MAKEBA

46 Gal Gadot's birthplace: ISRAEL

47 Disagreeing: ATODDS

50 Riveting icon: ROSIE

51 Rehab program: DETOX

52 1938 Physics Nobelist: FERMI

57 Six-pt. scores: TDS

58 Tolkien's Treebeard, e.g.: ENT

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