LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 30 December 2021

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Los Angeles Times 30 December 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 30 December 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Spanish gal pal: CHICA

6 Bygone dictator: TSAR

10 "__ Guy": 2019 Billie Eilish #1 hit: BAD

13 Winter warmer: COCOA

14 Troll, at times: HATER

16 Summer cooler: ADE

17 *1971 road movie co-starring James Taylor: TWOLANEBLACKTOP

20 Peddle: VEND

21 Creator of the former messaging software AIM: AOL

22 Arab League headquarters city: CAIRO

23 *Astronaut's insulator: SPACEBLANKET

27 Suffering: INPAIN

30 Like crab apples: TART

31 Hit the __: BOOKS

32 "That was close!": PHEW

34 "Nova" airer: PBS

37 *Part ways for good: MAKEACLEANBREAK

41 Reserved: SHY

42 Soccer legend Mia: HAMM

43 Wee, facetiously: EENSY

44 Flimsy: THIN

46 Expressionless: GLASSY

47 *"Key Largo" co-star: LAURENBACALL

52 Ed of "Up": ASNER

53 Turn sharply: ZAG

54 Dash gauge: TACH

58 Create instability ... or a hint to each set of circles: UPSETTHEBALANCE

62 Barely passing: DEE

63 Last critter in a kindergarten reader, maybe: ZEBRA

64 Revise: ALTER

65 Act like a human? ERR

66 Ember: COAL

67 Loses one's grip, in a way: SKIDS


1 Surveillance system, for short: CCTV

2 Suffragist Julia Ward __: HOWE

3 App symbol: ICON

4 Chilled Japanese brew: COLDSAKE

5 Energizer size: AAA

6 2000s Fox drama set in Newport Beach: THEOC

7 Weasel family member known for its fur: SABLE

8 Ga. airport: ATL

9 LGBT activist __ Carey: REA

10 It's a dyeing art: BATIK

11 Really dig: ADORE

12 Where to get off: DEPOT

15 Miniature vehicle with a remote, briefly: RCCAR

18 Tandoori bread: NAAN

19 "Critique of Pure Reason" writer: KANT

24 City with a notable tower: PISA

25 Backup group: BTEAM

26 Many a home front: LAWN

27 Models for old clones: IBMS

28 Biblical boater: NOAH

29 Slow: POKY

32 Fallback: PLANB

33 Something to take up with your tailor? HEM

34 Uni-ball products: PENS

35 Low pitch pro: BASS

36 American vodka brand: SKYY

38 __ music: small talk: CHIN

39 Male pseudonym used by all three Bront‘ sisters: BELL

40 Heart-to-heart: REALTALK

44 Genealogy chart: TREE

45 Frequency unit: HERTZ

46 Madly in love: GAGA

47 Magna cum __: LAUDE

48 According to: ASPER

49 Indy 500 family name: UNSER

50 Hyundai sedan: AZERA

51 Plotting group: CABAL

55 Not a fan of: ANTI

56 Looped in, on Gmail: CCED

57 Towel term: HERS

59 Many a noir hero: TEC

60 "Big Little Lies" network: HBO

61 __ Cruces: LAS

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